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Mortar recipe

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  • Mortar recipe

    Hi all, looking for some mortar recipe advise.... I have the refractory cement and sand but don't really know what ratio to mix them... This would be used to hold the bricks together.

    Secondly, I then need a recipe for the mortar with added perlite, to clad the brick dome.


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    Re: Mortar recipe

    search homebrew on this forum. it will explain it.
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      Re: Mortar recipe

      I think most everyone uses 3:1:1:1 (sand, portland cement, lime, fireclay)

      I used that everywhere and 6 months later and >15 pizza parties no issues!



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        Re: Mortar recipe

        If you have actual refractory cement (Calcium aluminate), then you simply mix it with 3 parts fine silica sand.

        If you are making the homebrew, it is as above, except you can use from 3-6 parts sand by volume.


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          Re: Mortar recipe

          Originally posted by Tscarborough View Post
          If you have actual refractory cement (Calcium aluminate), then you simply mix it with 3 parts fine silica sand.

          You can add the clay portion if you want to make it stickier, but just don't add the lime in conjunction with calcium aluminate cement.

          Regarding the mixture for insulation over the dome, use Portland cement and perlite or vermiculite. Using refractory cement for this layer is not necessary as the temp has dropped by the time it reaches it, the refractory cement is way more expensive and its pot life is really short. For over the dome mix I use a 10:1 vermiculite:cement ratio.
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