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Basic questions for a 36" in Denmark - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community



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Basic questions for a 36" in Denmark

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  • Basic questions for a 36" in Denmark

    Hi FB
    After following this great Forum for about a year, Iím finally about to make my own oven.

    Right now Iím working on the stand, and while some might say that this is the easy part, my lack of experience within any kind of craftsmanship forces me to read up on every tiny step of the process. Itís time consuming but so far Iíve been enjoying it greatly.

    I hope to finish the stand this weekend and then collect the firebrick the coming week. I expect the inside diameter of the oven to be about 92 cm (36Ē), and have ordered 160 firebricks. Do you guys think this is going to be enough? Firebricks are ridiculously expensive here, about $4 per brick. So I really want to keep my needs at a minimum.
    I donít expect to custom cut every brick but basically just cut each brick in half. I know the inside of the oven wonít be as sooth and good looking as if I custom cut the bricks, but will the performance be affected?

    The floor of the oven will be put on top of a base of about 10cm (4Ē) Portland cement and 5cm (2Ē) of Vermiculite boards. Will these boards be enough insulation?

    My last question for now is regarding the mortar. I originally planed to be using homebrew, but Iím having trouble translating ďfireclayĒ into anything I can find at shops around here. So now Iím considering buying refectory mortar. I found a bag of 25 kg for about $50. My question is then how many bags I should expect to use? I know this is a hard question to answer, but every guess is much appreciated.