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Wich kit should I buy?

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  • Wich kit should I buy?

    I thought about it allot and I decided that I don't have enough time to build an oven. Unluckley, Forno Bravo does not have a dealer in my country, so I now have two options.
    The first and more expensive is to buy a Valoriani oven kit with The inner diameter of 40".
    My other option is to buy a Spanish brick oven kit from a company called HORNOSDELEÑA. They offer a 36" oven with thermometer and a still door on an axis for about 500$ less. An important point is that this oven is pretty high, about 28", and is not specially for cooking pizzas, witch is my main use for the oven.
    Should I save those 500$ (witch is a lot of money for me) and buy the spanish oven? I will be able to cook some good Neapolitan pizzas using him?

    Thanks to you all, Guy

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    Re: Wich kit should I buy?

    Thank you Mick, you helped me a lot!
    In the purpose of building the dome kind of scares me. so the kit seems perfect to me. It isn't cheap at all (2600$ for the expensive one), but I have decided that I just have to get one no matter what, although i'm only 17.5 years old and money is short.
    The low dome one seems so appealing!


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      Re: Wich kit should I buy?

      Hi Guyskr,
      I did a Google image search of: "Isreali wood fired oven", and came up with a few locations in Israel, that had dome ovens. You might try to get in touch, some of those might be from kits?


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        Re: Wich kit should I buy?

        Originally posted by Guyskr View Post
        In the purpose of building the dome kind of scares me.
        A kit may be perfect for you but, don't let a DIY project intimidate you . With the information and the support from this forum, anyone can build a WFO .
        joe watson

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          Re: Wich kit should I buy?

          I wanted really bad to build my own oven. but I just don't have the time needed.
          A kit seems perfect for my needs; the fun of the building, a cheaper price and a not so hard work.


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            Re: Wich kit should I buy?

            An important point, I just found out that the expensive kit is not from Valoriani, but from forno de pizza.
            Any of you have ever heard of them?


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              Re: Wich kit should I buy?

              wood fired oven - Home This is something that I wouldn't pay $4,000 for.


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                Re: Wich kit should I buy?

                And what about the 2300-2600$ that I supposed to pay for the 40" tuscan?


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                  Re: Wich kit should I buy?

                  Are you sure that these are the only ones available to you? When I did a Google Image search, I found a very nice one at Tishreen Restaurant in Nazareth. I don't know where you are, but I would do more research before buying one. The Tuscan is also a gas fired oven, something I would avoid.


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                    Re: Wich kit should I buy?

                    Wow, I sorry for misinformed you guys, but I was wrong.
                    The oven that I can get is the valoriani frv100. What do you think about him?
                    Sorry for the confusion, but one thing was told to me and I understood a totally different thing.