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Cottonwood / Poplar as fuel (anyone try it)

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  • Cottonwood / Poplar as fuel (anyone try it)

    We have a ton of cottonwoods here in Colorado and getting wood from those trees is very cheap. Has anyone used it as fuel in a pizza oven. I have perhaps two truck loads of the stuff and wanted to hear any feedback prior to splitting in into useable pieces. I'm going to guess it would be a very neutral wood.

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    Re: Cottonwood / Poplar as fuel (anyone try it)

    Other than the fact that it burns fast so you will have to feed the fire more often from what I have heard what wood you burn is essentially immaterial. The WFO temp burns all the organics so...even noxious woods for BBQ like juniper (here in Texas) are no problem. The biggest consideration may be that you want to switch to a slower burning wood like oak once you actually start cooking. But for firing the oven and for baking it is not a big deal.


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      Re: Cottonwood / Poplar as fuel (anyone try it)

      I have some apple (from an old orchard) and some aspen ... the aspen is pretty much worthless as it's mostly water and rots when I attempt to dry it. I think ash is available, but cottonwoods are extremely common. thanks for the reply


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        Re: Cottonwood / Poplar as fuel (anyone try it)

        AFAIK, Cottonwood is one of the most worthless firewood types one can find. It has very low BTU content. It's miserable to cut and split. When I was growing up, we had a cottonwood round that we used to set all the other wood on when we split it. In 10 years that thing never split.

        See it near the bottom of the list here http://www.chimneysweeponline.com/howood.htm
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          Re: Cottonwood / Poplar as fuel (anyone try it)

          I'll spring for a few cords of real wood (like Oak) down the road. Thanks for that list. Very informative.


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            Re: Cottonwood / Poplar as fuel (anyone try it)

            I've used it in my fireplace insert to heat my home. It burns F.A.S.T! But, if I had a truck load of it for free, I'd use it. Like Texassourdough said, you want a long burning flame while you cook. Heat with the cottonwood and cook with another, harder wood.

            How about a picture of your oven Fred?
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              Re: Cottonwood / Poplar as fuel (anyone try it)

              Still under construction but should be done this week
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                Re: Cottonwood / Poplar as fuel (anyone try it)

                I agree, all dried woods burns in the oven, but oak, apple and cherry burn slower. We have burned cotton wood slabs, added after the coals get going.