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Newbie from oz

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  • Newbie from oz

    Hi all looking into building a pizza oven,looking for advice on types,costs ,material etc .Want to incorporate it on to a stainless steel bench on casters so can be moved around , any one done this before? Any advice would be a great help cheers

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    Re: Newbie from oz

    What sort of performance are you looking for, type of food cooked, heat retention, size of oven, budget, etc?
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      Re: Newbie from oz

      Thanks fo reply ,mainly for pizza,nothing to big,want to Incorperate it into a stainless steel kitchen that I already have ,was thinking something along the lines of Andiamo ,any more help or suggestions would be great
      Cheers Dave


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        Re: Newbie from oz

        Originally posted by wotavidone
        Firebrick is very expensive in Australia.
        Most people profess to be mystified why this is so.
        However, I believe it is simply because we don't have the abundance of fireclay deposits that other continents have. Having said that many many very good ovens have been built in Oz with ordinary bricks.
        Geeky aside here, but the costly ingredient in fireclay used for firebricks is Aluminum oxide (or alumina) which comes from bauxite - a natural resource that Australia is by far the worlds biggest producer. Once worked on a consulting study for an aluminum (or as you folks say "Al-you-min-ee-um" ) smelter and picked up a lot of what is normally useless info but is applicable here.

        File:2005alumina.PNG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        Must be some other reason for the price difference.

        /geeky aside
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          Re: Newbie from oz

          What, they actually put alumina in firebricks, not actual high aluminium clay? I thought they used the alumina in refractory cements and stuff, but the bricks were the real deal - fireclay.
          If the bricks are made from alumina, not fire clay, then the swine are just plain ripping us off.


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            Re: Newbie from oz

            Now I'm confused. I just wiki'd firebricks, and the wiki entry says they are made by firing fireclay. Same entry also says common red clay bricks are used in chimneys and wood fired ovens.
            Fire brick - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

            Anyway, it still annoys me how much they cost in Oz.
            But let me stop hijacking the thread - back to Thepie's questions:
            Mate, if you must have a moveable oven, may I suggest spread the weight over lots of castors. One at each corner, four in total, isn't really enough.
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              Re: Newbie from oz

              Pick a nice spot in the garden close to the kitchen and build a proper oven.
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                Re: Newbie from oz

                Would of loved to do that but got no where it would fit ,I'm a stainless steel fabricator so a frame would be easy for me, plus got a s/s kitchen I want it to match in with any advice welcome


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                  Re: Newbie from oz

                  Not detracting from what has been said, there are a number of mobile ovens...... An old build that comes to mind was another Dave, user toyota08

                  For a rule of thumb on budget for build your own. If you took time and sourced 2nd hand stuff like fire bricks or decent solid reds you can get built for under $1000.
                  Something with a bit more insulation, New fire bricks etc. you are going to be more $2k or $3k+

                  I guess if you have an initial figure in mind it gives you something to work around......but if you have no idea how do you know what is a reasonable amount........chicken or egg hey

                  Sounds like you could cover off on the stainless flue
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                    Re: Newbie from oz

                    Gudday Dave
                    I hope by now you have a copy of the free plans? then you have the idea that the forno oven is a mass of brick ....firebrick if possible. Its insulated top and bottom to make it efficient. There are many other oven types out there from simple clay types all the way through but the main thing that I have learnt is that they all take the same amount of effort to build regardless of how cheap you build.
                    Any type you'll end up with a large mass of material....so you had better have a really flat area to move it around on cause once you get that mass moving you had better be able to stop it. I'm not saying it can't be done but the effort involved?
                    I have built a 42 in forno oven and stand...firebrick... and it came in about $1200. yes lots of secounds and freebies etc but it can be done for under the price of the cheapies from bunnings ( remember they don't include stands ) and you get a better oven by far.
                    Anyway....which ever way you build insulate well ... and there is never a lack of feedback on this forum

                    Regards Dave
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                      Re: Newbie from oz

                      Thanks for advice, where can a get the free plans from? Looked on forum but cant seem to find them . Priced some bricks up 1$ for reclaimed solid red brick & 2.50$ for a red clinker for the base only trouble is they aren't all flat so would make base a bit uneven , anyone used these before & would these be ok ? Can get hold of ceramic blanket of a mate so that's sorted ,does anyone know where best place to pick up rest of stuff in adelaide ? Cheers Dave


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                        Re: Newbie from oz

                        Originally posted by Thepie View Post
                        Priced some bricks up 1$ for reclaimed solid red brick & 2.50$ for a red clinker for the base
                        Too dear, try ebay.
                        The English language was invented by people who couldnt spell.

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