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Modular/Kit Oven compared to an authentic brick oven.

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  • Modular/Kit Oven compared to an authentic brick oven.

    Has anyone had the opportunity to cook in both type of ovens, i.e a pre-made kit or modular oven and one they or a friend has made using firebrick ?.
    I am interested to hear any thoughts on pro's and cons of both types of ovens.




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    Re: Modular/Kit Oven compared to an authentic brick oven.

    If the kit oven is properly made then I don't think there's that much difference in how the ovens perform. I think the main difference is purely aesthetic.


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      Re: Modular/Kit Oven compared to an authentic brick oven.

      I am turning the corner on finishing a Pompeii diy oven build. Part of my motivation was the fun of tackling a new kind of project and
      part of the fun (I thought) would be saving a few bucks. I have to say that this has been a LOT of work (and I have not even lit a fire yet). I am still enjoying the project, but given the time / cost ratio of bricks vs modular; I might go modular next time. I saw a modular oven in use in th FB parking lot in Monterey it worked great!

      My road to pizza is documented here:


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        Re: Modular/Kit Oven compared to an authentic brick oven.

        I debated both heavily...I have cooked a lot in a huge custom oven and a little in my Primavera70...basically my Primavera is a tiny version of the huge custom one. If you don't have the time or inclination to build a custom oven go with a Primavera or Toscana. I hired a crane to lift my Primavera into my back yard over the house ($285) then bought a engine lift ($199) and viola it was placed.


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          Re: Modular/Kit Oven compared to an authentic brick oven.


          It is a lot of work....but your labors will pay off 100-fold in terms of pride and sense of accomplishment...I wish I could do it all over again...I would definitely go DIY. The one thing I would do different would be to take more time and care in building my dome.


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            Re: Modular/Kit Oven compared to an authentic brick oven.

            The Forno Bravo oven dome is cast using high-density, ultra- pure refractory and a two-sided, vibrated casting process to a minimum of 4" for both outstanding high temperature pizza baking and durability. Using sophisticated production methods and modern materials we are able to accurately produce a massive, dense dome.

            Each Pompeii Oven Kit features industrial-grade refractories and high-tech insulators, ensuring that your oven will reach and hold pizza making temperature and retain heat for baking and roasting. Our medium duty firebrick and cooking floor tiles are 38% alumina, 134 lb density, and are rated to 2,500oF. They are perfect for a pizza oven. The FB Board and FB Blanket insulators are rated to 2,300oF and are incredibly efficient, and FB Mortar is rated to 2,500oF, and is waterproof for outside oven installation. We provide enough insulation for 3” over the oven dome and 2” under the oven floor to retain high heat inside the oven while keeping the outside enclosure cool.

            Pompeiis do require a bit more work since a person will be assembling the oven from the ground up. However, there are many Pompeii owners that enjoy the project.

            I hope this helps with the decision.