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My oven finally done, but

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  • My oven finally done, but

    How do I get started? what type of wood how many should I use to start it? does it have to be done slowly? It has been done for 2 weeks now. I made a barrel template myself. The inside dimensions are 31"deep x 36"wide x 24" high.

    Does it matter type of wood? how do you start the fire? when do you know to push coals to sides, back, corner etc.?

    thanks in advance VERY NEW to brick ovens

    Here are a few pics. just waiting on the granite tops to be delivered. This is my first attempt in building any brick anything. luckily my 1 friend who helped me has done paving before, although this project took some time, since it was only us 2 on our free time and after work.

    thanks for any help
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    Re: My oven finally done, but

    What wood to burn is a semi-religious question. Generally, though, don't burn anything other than trees (no plywood, etc.). I burn mesquite, oak, and pecan. I don't like the alligator juniper (that's cheaper) because it doesn't produce as much heat per unit. Pick the local wood that gives the most BTU per cord and that is within your budget.


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      Re: My oven finally done, but

      Burn anything without glue (plywood), bug juice (pallets), or too wet and you are OK. Start with small fires, like what you would grill a steak with and work your way up to, "Now that's a FIRE, Gus".


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        Re: My oven finally done, but

        do i have to cure my oven first before starting to cook and full blaze


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          Re: My oven finally done, but

          Looks like your door to oven height is not to ratio, does it work?
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            Re: My oven finally done, but

            what size should it be


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              Re: My oven finally done, but

              60-ish percent of the interior oven height.


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                Re: My oven finally done, but

                my actual door opening is 16" high and 21" wide. The height from floor to ceiling is 24" high. So, it is more like 70-ish. Will it work? will it take longer to heat?


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                  Re: My oven finally done, but

                  I'm impressed you got this far without thinking about lighting a fire! Talk about delayed gratification.

                  I'm in the midst of curing my oven and found this thread helpful


                  Also, there are curing steps for ovens in the Pompeii instructions on FB if you haven't yet downloaded that, and also on the sites of most brick oven manufacturers.
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                    Re: My oven finally done, but

                    Great-looking oven! Is there any insulation around or below the oven? Does the flue attach to the top of the barrel?


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                      Re: My oven finally done, but

                      "So, it is more like 70-ish."

                      Actually about 66.6%. Close enough. Should work OK.

                      If you want to bring it down to the optimum 63% you could consider some type insert or plate on the inside to reduce the very top of your arch a 1/2 inch or so.

                      The 63% is a heuristic (rule of thumb) that is generally accepted to produce the optimum efficiency. You may have to burn slightly more wood.
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                        Re: My oven finally done, but

                        no insulation, i used the firebrick and stood them on their side then used red clay brick and stood them on their side. The bottom is durarock and 4.5" conrete then firebrick. will this not work?


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                          Re: My oven finally done, but

                          It might work, but not well.


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                            Re: My oven finally done, but

                            Insulate that thing!

                            I'm just saying. If you want that thing to cook for a day or two after the fire goes out...insulate.



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                              Re: My oven finally done, but

                              Yep wfo mantra...

                              Speaking from experience

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