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Caputo 00 flour = bad crust in oven. HELP - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community



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Caputo 00 flour = bad crust in oven. HELP

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  • Caputo 00 flour = bad crust in oven. HELP

    Not sure which room is the best place to ask this question? I have been trying to cook my pizza in my gas oven (500 degree max) with Caputo 00 pizza flour and it is not very good. I am using a simple recipe
    water 453g
    salt 13g
    compressed fresh yeast 4g
    Caupto 00 flour 755g

    mix water and salt, add yeast, add flour. mix 10 minutes on low. rest 10 min. ball into 6 oz. cover at room temp 3 hours. in fridge 12 hours. bake 500 degrees.
    the dough is not light and crisp like at the wood fired pizza place that gave me the recipe!!!
    any help will do.
    Now the crust had a nice earthy flavor from the slow rise but it took 6 min to get brown and was way to crisp!! HELP!!


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    Re: Caputo 00 flour = bad crust in oven. HELP

    Traditional Neapolitan pizza doughs (unmalted 00 flour, no oil, no sugar), tend to do very poorly when baked in low temp ovens.

    Getting good pizza out of a 500 deg. is very difficult. Neapolitan style is out of the question. NY style is an iffy endeavor as well. Unless you're willing to mod/trick the oven/push the temp up a bit, you're pretty much stuck with American style pizza- malted flour, high-ish oil (5-7%), high-ish sugar (2-3%). The high oil and sugar will give you good oven spring and tenderness with long bakes.


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      Re: Caputo 00 flour = bad crust in oven. HELP

      Scott thanks for the reply. What flour would you suggest. Not sure what malted flour is?


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        Re: Caputo 00 flour = bad crust in oven. HELP

        I would have to agree with you that the 00 folur is not the best choice foe oven baking. I use a good bread flour ( I use dokta mills bread flour and like it) and my favorite dought right now is the neoneopallatin from American pie. It has a nice flavor and streaches very nice.



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          Re: Caputo 00 flour = bad crust in oven. HELP

          Almost any bread or all-purpose flour that you'll find in the supermarket is malted. Millers add small amounts of malt (or fungal-derived amylase enzymes) to control the way the dough matures (starches break down into simple sugars). Caputo isn't malted, so there's little free sugar, and it won't brown properly in a low (<700 degree) oven... but it won't burn in a high-temperature oven.


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            Re: Caputo 00 flour = bad crust in oven. HELP

            thank you!!


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              Re: Caputo 00 flour = bad crust in oven. HELP

              I use King Arthur Bread Flour with fantastic results in my home oven at 500 degrees. I use a pizza screen on the top third of the oven for around 8 minutes then transfer to a stone on the lower third for 3 to four minutes.
              Album https://plus.google.com/photos/10154...CKP9op6ilID7eA


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                Re: Caputo 00 flour = bad crust in oven. HELP

                I am going to have to try some King Aruther flour a lot of people seam to like it.



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                  Re: Caputo 00 flour = bad crust in oven. HELP

                  wotavidone thats some good info thank you. I have been reading that the greats in Italy mix the water and salt add the yeast then the flour and mix for 20 min slow. It makes no sense to me because adding the fresh yeast to the salted water just sounds backwards to the way i have been making bread for years. In fact i add the salt after the dough has been mixed for about 5 minutes. So i don't get why the traditional recipes for Nap Dough call for salted water then yeast???