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my build is underway

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  • my build is underway

    Hi just a quick post to say hi. I am about to start building my 42" pomei oven. I picked up the bricks today, the vermicucrete is sett and i about to lay the cooking floor.

    I am srill undescided about how i am going to build the dome. Is it better to use the indespensible tool or build a sand form. I just cant decide. With the sand i can dobuild faster but without it i can guarantee a better quality finish. I know i should probabpy trawl through but this forums posts seem cavernous.

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    Re: my build is underway

    I just did my dome using a sand form. In hindsight I wish I used the tool, a little slower but able to clean the inside as you go.
    My 2 cents worth.


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      Re: my build is underway

      My vote is for the tool. use a mirror to check your work as you go.


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        Re: my build is underway

        Thanks for your help. I went for a polistyrene mould. I wrapped it in duck tape so there was no gaps. I have finished my dome but now a question about insulation.

        I have three bags of perlite left over. As i am a tight yorksire man what thickness of vermiculite concrete will suffice as insulation? Or should i dip my fingers in my pocket and buy some blanket?



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          Re: my build is underway

          "what thickness of vermiculite concrete will suffice as insulation?"

          4 inches of 12:1 mix is typical. I would not scrimp on the insulation, a well insulated oven will give you much better performance and versatility.