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Pizza oven dreams diminishing!!

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  • Pizza oven dreams diminishing!!

    So I was hoping to get a pizza oven with some cash my parents gave me for graduating with my masters, plus cash from a few odd-jobs I managed to do, but I am still a little over a grand short of the Primavera 60 oven(after shipping).

    We have a baby coming in October, making me very busy doing house projects to prepare for the baby. I would love to build a Pompeii oven, but I am not sure where I should put such a large thing, and I am not sure I would have 40+ hours to build one. Can I build a Pompeii oven for 1600$? (I have a local place that sells fire bricks)

    I also came across some ovens called roundboy ovens, they are inexpensive barrel vault ovens, but there is not much information about them. I think I could afford one of those, but I am thinking I might regret it later, and be stuck with it. Any one have any experience with these?

    I even emailed forno bravo to see if they sell any scratch and dent ovens.

    But I am short on all fronts. If I can't figure something out, my wife will have me buying a bunch of crap we'll use for about 8 months with a newborn.

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    Re: Pizza oven dreams diminishing!!

    Congrats on the new baby!

    Don't settle for a questionable oven. You may end up throwing good money away.

    A 36" Pompeii can be squeezed into the corner of a small patio.

    ASUDaveW built an awesome Pompeii for UNDER $1000 (he's my hero).
    You'll have to be creative and scrounge for low cost materials but it CAN be done. Dave includes a link to his cost spread sheet on his signature line.

    Start pricing materials and scanning CraigsList. With a little imagination and effort a Pompeii is within nearly everyone's reach.
    Ken H. - Kentucky
    42" Pompeii

    Pompeii Oven Construction Video Updated!

    Oven Thread ... Enclosure Thread
    Cost Spreadsheet ... Picasa Web Album


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      Re: Pizza oven dreams diminishing!!

      Hi horrocks007,

      I considered the Roundboy oven a year ago and spent some time talking with the manufacturer. He is a fifth generation mason and knows his business. Their new website provides a whole lot of information now. Home - Roundboy Outdoor Products Prices include shipping !! Shipping cost was a deal breaker for me at the time but now I could hardly say no to an oven that is so simple to build.....except, um.... that I've built two others in the meantime. If I had it to do all over again things would be different. Check it out at the link above.


      Here is the link to my oven number 1 construction photos!

      Here is the link to my oven number 2 construction photos!


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        Re: Pizza oven dreams diminishing!!

        I have turned to craig'slist and the jeep forum for selling some stuff I won't need when the kids arrive, and I may be back on track to buy the Giordano 60 and build a metal stand. Bless my wife for being understanding.

        I cant move myself to buy a roundboy oven. They don't look as sharp as a FB Oven, and there is little assurance that they hold enough temp to roast large cuts of meat, such as a Turkey, or Prime Rib.


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          Re: Pizza oven dreams diminishing!!

          As for your question of building for less than 1600 I say you can easily do it.
          if you want a 32 or 36 inch oven you could easily do it. The key is don't go crazy with the covering keep it simple and you will be fine.

          My slow journey to pizza.


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            Re: Pizza oven dreams diminishing!!

            You can have a functioning pizza oven for less than $100!

            (see my link)
            My oven (for now):


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              Re: Pizza oven dreams diminishing!!

              I've definitely turned into a Craigslist junkie while building my oven. By the time it's all said and done, I should come in just under $1000. All my cinder blocks were free as well as all of my regular brick. Got used (but dirty) firebricks that I had to clean myself for $.50 each. Found a brand new 36" x 7" Duravent chimney pipe for $50! The homebrew mortar costs less than $50 for the whole oven/chimney for an igloo enclosure. Found free chicken wire on Freecycle and got free plywood scraps for my forms from the lumber department at Lowe's. So needless to say, if you're willing to put in a little extra time and hard work, you can definitely build an oven for less than $1500.


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                Re: Pizza oven dreams diminishing!!


                my small oven (big enough for pizza nights with 20 friends!) can be built with 300$ and in a week. When I was evaluating ovens I obviously fell for everything FB has on the catalogue, but I rent so that was not doable.

                I've been firing every week for the last two months. It is awesome every time.

                I bet my oven will live at least three years.

                You can build a cheap and small oven that performs well and live long if you respect a few simple rules. I may even write an e-book about those rules!

                * respect the ratios
                * insulate
                Born in Italy, making pizza in San Diego


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                  Re: Pizza oven dreams diminishing!!

                  I did get my oven.


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                    Re: Pizza oven dreams diminishing!!


                    Good for you. Please share the details with us. What size, manufacturer, etc?


                    Here is the link to my oven number 1 construction photos!

                    Here is the link to my oven number 2 construction photos!


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                      Re: Pizza oven dreams diminishing!!

                      I ended up getting the Giardino 70. Perfectly happy!