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  • wondering

    can i use highheat morter to set oven floor

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    Re: wondering

    Don't mortar the floor. Just set in on a bed of sand/fireclay.
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      Re: wondering

      thanks but is there a problem with motar


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        Re: wondering

        You can mortar the floor, there is no issue other than your floor will be less prone to shifting.

        Edit-You do not even need to use refractory mortar, plain old mortar will hold up just fine.


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          Re: wondering

          Hi Tomm,

          Most builders don't mortar the hearth bricks (floor). If you need to replace a bad brick or one gets chipped, how are you going to replace it if it is held fast with mortar?

          Mortar tends to get between bricks no matter how hard you try to keep them clean while setting them evenly, then gaps appear to mess up the others in sequence. Guess how I know this. Just fit the bricks as best you can without mortar and have faith that they won't shift. Heat expansion and subsequent cooling cycles move the bricks (and dome) around so it is a natural event.....embrace it.


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            Re: wondering

            Experience has shown that a loose set floor prevents problems. An oven is always expanding, contracting, and in motion with each heat cycle. The reason the floor is laid without mortar, and the first course isn't mortared to the floor, is to allow for this thermal shifting.
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              Re: wondering

              thanks for all the advice let the games begin im sure ill be back with more questions before this is all over being im just a lowly carpenter