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2 year old oven, problem with mortar

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  • 2 year old oven, problem with mortar

    I built a oven using the Casa 100 a little over 2 years ago (I think that's the name, looks like its been replaced in the catalog). This came with a 4 piece floor. After a moderate amount of use (maybe 30 times over 2 years), the mortar has crumbled between the floor pieces. The crumbled sections are near the center, where the most cleaning of the floor occurs (with the brass brush). Anyone know why this would happen? I followed the directions exactly.

    Should I just clean it out the best I can, then put some new mortar in? Anyone know where I might be able to buy some high heat mortar locally (Raleigh, NC), so I don't have to buy 50 lb bag and pay shipping?

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    Re: 2 year old oven, problem with mortar


    How large are the gaps? I just looked at all the ovens at the open house and I don't recall any mortar on the floor pieces (maybe they have evolved - don't know).
    Check out my pictures here:

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      Re: 2 year old oven, problem with mortar

      If I remember correctly, they are about 1/4 inch, but I will go measure and take a picture later tonight or tomorrow. At the time, I thought that was the correct way to do it. I remember the 2 piece dome fitting very nicely over the floor. Thanks for the reply.


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        Re: 2 year old oven, problem with mortar

        I don't think one mortars the floor. If the gap is not that bad, just let it fill will with ash. Is there a gap on the outside rim of the floor by the dome? That is where the gap is supposed to be for thermal expansion (I think).