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Oven Usage

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  • Oven Usage

    My wife is politely amused by my interest in starting a complex new project that requres skills that I do not possess. She contends that it probably never get finished and that if it does it will probably never get used. I think otherwise but I am wondering how often people use their ovens. I can see firing it up at least once a week. How often do people use their ovens?

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    Re: Oven Usage

    I fire it up at least once a week. Even in the winter months. Probably suggests some type of obsession. Weekends are the ideal time. Definitely takes some time to get the oven up to temp.

    As to skills, I had none. The best thing about the project was figuring out how to do everything.


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      Re: Oven Usage

      I usually fire it every weekend to do a roast then cook over the next few days with the residual heat.
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        Re: Oven Usage

        I use it once a week, skipping a week now and then. Even people who I know whom have built them and use them a couple of times a year still consider it one of the better additions to their homes.


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          Re: Oven Usage

          It varies - I have been up to 7 days per week, cooking every night in it, baking bread etc. I can do a roast with vegetables in about 2 hours from the time I light the fire to when we eat so that makes it good to use when you get home from work during the week.

          Normally though it starts Friday night with some sausages or chops and goes through until Sunday with a Sunday breakfast thrown in as well. Yesterday I had some friends over for Saturday pizza lunch and also cooked sausages in the evening.

          With an unlimited supply of free wood I just crank the fire up whenever there's time. That is definitely a factor in using it as it would cost about $10 - $15 per firing when I was buying wood. I also had the "you'll never use it" one mentioned to me when I wanted one almost 11 years ago - back then people thought you were crazy installing something like that.

          I am pleased to say that the WFO has been a really great addition to the outdoor cooking options at home. I still use the webber, a commercial wok and my 3 legged African "potjie" pots. By far the favourite though is the WFO...
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          / Rossco


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            Re: Oven Usage

            I work away but still manage to fire up at least twice a month sometimes more and then i usually cook something the day after as well.

            Rossco where is this unlimited free wood.

            I love watching my crust rise and change colour in my WFO.


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              Re: Oven Usage

              Look out for the bulk rubbish collection in your suburb. The tree cutters come around and leave wood and branches on the verge to be collected by council. Be aware that it is green and needs to processed and dried. Also, if you look on Gumtree you will see people offering timber on their properties for collection free. Need a chainsaw though....
              / Rossco


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                Re: Oven Usage

                Here's a gumtree advert:

                Fire wood | Stuff For Sale | Gumtree Morley
                / Rossco


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                  Re: Oven Usage

                  Hello All,

                  I fire my oven a couple times per month. Now that we are beginning summer, with its desert heat, I think it won't be as often. Luckily, we have optional outdoor cooking modes to choose from and by far the Weber and Kamado get used the most.


                  Here is the link to my oven number 1 construction photos!

                  Here is the link to my oven number 2 construction photos!


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                    Re: Oven Usage

                    I have actually found that many of the things that I used to do on the BBQ like cook sausages, roast veg, I can do far more efficiently in the WFO.

                    I often start by making a ciabatta appetiser before doing he main meal so it is pretty versatile.

                    I Still like the option of varying the cooking style though so I wont be selling off the other gear just yet...
                    / Rossco


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                      Re: Oven Usage

                      Ditto for the wife, she is humouring me with fained interest at best. I look forward to the first pizza, roast, bread and anything else that takes my fancy with friends, relations and especially neighbours.



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                        Re: Oven Usage

                        I use mine most weekends with the odd missed week when we are doing some thing else. Once it has been fired up I will use it all weekend and cook a variety of meals.

                        This weekend I fired on Friday for pizza, then sat around the fire in the oven with a drink or two, or three (lost count!). Cooked breakfast on Saturday morning, a beef casserole on Saturday night and the neighbours also had their dinner in the oven as well. We finished off the weekend with a chicken curry on Sunday night.

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                          Re: Oven Usage

                          Originally posted by heliman View Post
                          It varies - I have been up to 7 days per week, cooking every night in it, baking bread etc. I can do a roast with vegetables in about 2 hours from the time I light the fire to when we eat so that makes it good to use when you get home from work during the week....snip....
                          Not to hyjack this thread, but I'd like to read about this recipe and cooking utensils in the proper forum heliman....With pictures of course.....Please?

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