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Help with making the fire

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  • Help with making the fire

    We moved into a house that has a large pizza oven in the backyard. We've made several attempts at baking our pizza's in it, but can't keep the fire going... It just gets really smokey (the fire dept has been over :s)
    Some info:
    The chimney is in the front (there's no ventilation in the back of the oven)
    We are using oak wood
    The previous owners say it needs to heat for 3 hours
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Re: Help with making the fire

    Build a small fire near the door. After it has burned for a while and started developing a draft,
    move it a little further back in the oven, and repeat until it is where you want it.
    Then feed it slowly, keeping it going until you achive the operating temperature you want.

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      Re: Help with making the fire

      Well seasoned wood is the key. The wood should also be split down to a size about 3 inches in diameter or so.

      Oak can take a while to season, up to 2 years from the time it is cut.


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        Re: Help with making the fire

        Thanks Neil, How do you create a draft? Is it normal that the chimney is in the front and there is no vent in the back? Maybe I should leave the fire in the middle instead of pushing it all the way back...


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          Re: Help with making the fire

          Start it in the front and then push it to the middle. These ovens will smoke a lot initially until they start to get up to temperature.

          How big is your oven ? My 40 inch diameter needs about 1 to 1 1/2 cubic foot of wood to get up to 800 F. This is a big armful of wood.