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Need information on lime used for mortar.

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  • Need information on lime used for mortar.

    I am looking for information on the type of lime I should use to mix with the fire clay, Portland cement, and sand. I purchased "Pelletized Dolomitic Lime" from a garden supply but fear this is not what I want to use. Also, where should I look for the "correct" type of lime if my fear is correct?

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    Re: Need information on lime used for mortar.

    Hi Bill - I believe you should be looking for hydrated lime. I do think you the masonry specific lime instead of the typical gardening variety. I never saw any at my local Lowes/HD, but did find it at another local hardware store.

    I also saw that the National Lime Association has an FAQ that talks about hydrated lime. Looks like there are a bunch of sub-types based on the exact type of mortar (not sure what I got but it seemed to work fine). They have some info at FAQs - Lime Basics - NLA.

    Good luck with the project!
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      Re: Need information on lime used for mortar.

      Yes, the pelleted will take some work to use. Type S double hydrated lime is ready to use straight from the bag, and regular Sh*t-house single hydrated lime will work in a pinch.

      To use what you have, cover it in water and keep it covered for a week or so. After it has hydrated for at least 4 days, use something to mash it and stir it up. Let it sit for a couple more days without fooling with it, then pour off the excess water (save it for mix water). You will then have lime that can be used with the standard ratios, by volume. Keep it covered with water and it will keep for years.


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        Re: Need information on lime used for mortar.


        i had the same issue when i did my build in Jacksonville beach...I would assume here in Atlanta there is a Quikrete mixing plant. Call and see if they have Masons Lime. That is how i finally secured mine.

        Good luck