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Perlite ratio

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  • Perlite ratio

    I was searching on here and couldn't find the ratio I am supposed to use for the perlite concrete mix. My friend told me 7/1 but he said to come on here and check.

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    Re: Perlite ratio

    Hi, I saw your project at the pizza site.
    I made a similar inquiry a few days ago on this here:

    Good luck with your new oven!


    My 34" WFO build

    Weber 22-OTG / Ugly Drum Smoker / 34" WFO


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      Re: Perlite ratio

      I use a 5:1 mix for the load bearing 4 inch layer under the hearth. I used a 12:1 mix for the non load bearing 4 inch layer on top of the dome.


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        Re: Perlite ratio

        I used a 6-1 ratio for my 4 in layer underhearth portion. It worked well, mix the dry together first and then fold in the water to the mix gently. Cover and let it dry slowly, be patient.


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          Re: Perlite ratio

          I am going to fill in the gap on top of the dome. So 12:1 works good? I don't want it to be to heavy because its on top of the dome. Also does anyone know where I can buy the Fiberfrax Dura blankets in the Massachusetts area, I kinda need it asap.

          Thanks FXpose I have been watching your thread, you are doing an awesome job with the oven. The vent looks sick.
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