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Damian's 42" Tuscan Style Pompeii WFO

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  • Damian's 42" Tuscan Style Pompeii WFO

    (Had this posted in another thread - thought it might be better here)

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Damian and I'm from Belfast - way up in the north of Ireland. I've been reading around the forum for a long time (2 years nearly) and finally have got the courage to make my first posting.

    I feel a bit of a cheat, and for that I apologise, because I've managed to get a lot of valuable information from reading the threads and used this to build my 42" Tuscan Style Pompeii WFO.

    When we moved house some years ago I found an old chimney pot which I thought would look good on top of an oven! My dad worked all his life on the nighshift at a local bakery so I guess making/using an oven is in the genes. Researching the net brought me to Forno Bravo and I downloaded the Pompeii Oven Plans. Over the course of 2 years I've worked on and off at the oven - a labour of love you might say.

    Anyway, just thought it was time to introduce myself (again) and bite the bullet.

    I have uploaded photos of oven progress on Picasa but not sure how to let others view them. Perhaps someone in the forum could talk me through it.

    Many thanks


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    Re: Damian's 42" Tuscan Style Pompeii WFO

    Hello Damian,
    Welcome to the Forum (again.) I'm the person that can help you with posting pictures, however I do look forward to seeing them. Like you, I have been reading this forum for some time now, but just recently started to post. I plan to start my build in the early Spring.
    Have you cooked in your oven yet?


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      Re: Damian's 42" Tuscan Style Pompeii WFO

      Any photo that that is hosted on the internet can be shown here. You can upload your photos to any photo site like photobucket or picassa, or you can use FB's own photo site, which is linked at the top of every page under "photo gallery" The main thing is that you need a URL, a location for where your picture is, which will typically start "http://" Every message window has a postcard icon at the top of the box where you type. If you click on this box it will give you a prompt to enter this picture's URL, and then the picture will show up in your message right where you want it.

      Alternately, you can hit the "go advanced" button at the bottom of the page which will allow you under "manage attachments" to attach a photo which will show up as a thumbnail at the bottom of your message.
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        Re: Damian's 42" Tuscan Style Pompeii WFO


        Many thanks for that.

        I have uploaded some photos onto a Picasa Website. I hope you can view them at:

        Picasa Web Albums - Damian - Damian's Pomp...

        I should have researched/read more about the type of mortar used to cement the bricks together. The guy who I bought the firebricks from recommended 'Wet Fire Cement' which was sold in a bucket for 25! I was two thirds into building my oven when I realised that it wasn't setting properly. When I contacted the guy again he said that the 'fire cement' I had bought was for small joints and doesn't stand up to humidity very well! (I should have read the part in the forum which says 'stay away from wet fire cement sold in buckets....'

        Anyway, lesson learned, I dismantled the oven, cleaned the bricks and started again using 'Fondue' cement. This is amazing stuff and sets rock hard. It also gave me a renewed opportunity to redesign the chimney.

        I am currently insulating the oven with 6" Vermiculite/Silverlite as per Pompeii Oven Instructions. Will keep you posted.

        Hope the pictures are useful.

        Thanks again