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conquering the world one wood oven at a time

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  • conquering the world one wood oven at a time

    Hi there, long time lurker, found this site after [sob!] I built my first oven 4 years ago ... it had lots of problems ... too small...no insulation .. too low on the ground.. [it's been demoted to a smoker]. but it got me hooked and I started scouring the property [300 acres in the Opeongo Mountains of Ontario ] for more rocks to build the mark II.
    It took me 2 years of prying through rock piles and searching my brick piles [I am a ceramic artist , kiln and forge maker, kilns for me and forges for my wife WWW.timstorey.ca] .
    I started the oven on July 1st and we were cooking by Canadian thanksgiving {early Oct.]. It's a 36'' pompeii built using plans from the site and a brick setting tool from a australian book.
    Still no roof , plans are for a curved steel roof with a big overhang [for the baker] at the front .. maybe this fall.
    Still no proper door, just some 2x8's with ceramic fiber lashed to the hot side [ the door started on fire last month ] , but as the French say .. '' it's the temporary , that lasts ''
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    Re: conquering the world one wood oven at a time

    fornax hominus
    let's get some pics up on deck for all to see. Your second attempt should outdo your first and since being a member of this forum, getting better by the week.


    If you don't succeed the first time, try again and again until you get it right!


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      Re: conquering the world one wood oven at a time

      Here are photos of the mark I oven/grill [ my first ever stone masonry project] and the mark II , still unfinished tarp for a roof] but cooking for 20 months.
      I've also enclosed pictures of the brick radius tool [ which helped out this newbie dome builder] and the soft clay supports for the final dome close .
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