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is my yard to small?

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  • is my yard to small?

    Well, I live in S. Calif. I live in a townhouse with a very small back yard. Question is, "is my yard to small?' What would be considered to small. I have an area that I could put a small concrete pad (it butts up to my deck) and have a smallish oven. Any thoughts? I want one so bad!!!

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    Re: is my yard to small?

    An area next to your deck sounds perfect. If I could have done it, I would have built mine so I could access it from the deck.

    Really, with even a postage stamp sized lot you can probably work in a full size 42" oven. The footprint of the pad is only 6.5' x 8' or so. Post some pictures of your area and we'll plan it out for you .
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      Re: is my yard to small?

      Another issue, if your neighbors are close, is the smoke the oven generates.

      Just give it some thought, occasionally we hear of folks who end up with a difference of opinion regarding the smoke an oven will generate... Some neighbors take exception to the smoke from an oven...



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        Re: is my yard to small?

        With regards to neighbors, I don't have any house to the right of my townhouse, its a huge backyard to the neighbor whose house is up near the street. I don't think spoke would be a problem, for all they would know it could be a chimmenia (sp?) with smoke.

        I will take some pictures of the place I have in mind and see what every one thinks. My husband is "game" as long as I have a plan. He said he will build it for me. I don't need anything big, just enough for a few loaves and bread and pizza of course!!!!


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          Re: is my yard to small?

          You may have an offset from your property line mandated by your city/county (mine was 5 feet). In addition you will want to be 10' from your nearest structure (your house) or your chimney will need to be 2 feet above any structure within 10 feet...
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            Re: is my yard to small?

            is it possible to make something kind of "portable"?


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              Re: is my yard to small?

              Drake makes a great point that you will need to check on before doing any work. As far as smoke, mine definately flows into one neighbor more than the other when starting a fire. I have found that passing a pizza over the fence every couple times I fire up the oven goes a long way to alleviating any problems.


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                Re: is my yard to small?

                Has everyone obtained a building permit for these? I don't plan on it. It would be about 10-12 feet from my house in a corner along a fence. I will go take some pictures and post them, if I can figure out how to.


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                  Re: is my yard to small?

                  I went and talked to city regarding a permit, but because of the size of the footprint of my oven and for some reason it was not considered "permanent" I was told I didn't need one. I did ask about an offset from the fence and was told they recommended 3ft, but I asked if I am not in need of a permit is that a recommendation or a requirement. They again said they recommend 3ft. I ended up shoving my oven in the corner of my yard with probably 12-18" of clearance off the fence. In fact, I think I needed to loose about 5 lbs so I could get around the back a bit easier when I did the stucco.


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                    Re: is my yard to small?

                    Originally posted by newbreadbaker View Post
                    is it possible to make something kind of "portable"?
                    Yes, it is. Someone around here is doing that now - but I don't remember who.
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                      Re: is my yard to small?

                      thanks for all of the info. Still pondering which route I should go. My space is in the corner of my back yard, it is sorta "L" shaped. I went out there and I think there would be enough room for a small oven. Or maybe I should go the portable route. Our deck in our back yard is almost the entire yard, its approx 10'x30', with a strip of dirt around the edge of it to the fence, that measures about 3-4'. Hmmmmmmm................................


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                        Re: is my yard to small?

                        Personally, I'd knock on the neighbor's door and tell them what you are planning to build. Offer them an occasional pizza or two. You will likely find that they are totally receptive to the idea and will not be the untimely demise of your hard work once it is done.

                        Whether you should further pollute the air of one of the worst air quality regions on earth is up to you. I say: go for it!
                        Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.