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New member from Parry Sound, Canada

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  • New member from Parry Sound, Canada

    Hi to all,

    I am very thankful to find this forum. This would help me in making my dream ourdoor pizza/bread oven come true. (i have been thinking about this for at least two years and am ready to make the plunge)

    I am planning to build this with the help of my spouse, brother and cousin this coming spring.

    Any fellow canadian ,most specially here in ontario, who have info about material sources please email me or respond to this post.

    some of the questions i have is where can i get the low duty firebricks, the insulations, the high heat mortar... and about how much should they cost here in ontario.


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    Re: New member from Parry Sound, Canada

    Welcome to the forum Arlene. Sourcing materials is a pain, I know. I have just about found everthing I need, but I am in Texas which does not help you one bit I am sure our Canadian contingent will chime in shortly with help, but until then try Googling refractory supplies, building materials, brickyards, etc. in your area. Once you find a couple then call them and explain what you are doing and what you are looking for. Most will steer you to what you need even if they don't have it. And once in a while you will find somebody that just thinks what you are planning to build is cool and will be very helpful!

    Good luck, and keep us posted,


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      Re: New member from Parry Sound, Canada

      OH! I meant to add - It seems that a lot of folks opt to order the insulation blanket for the outside of the dome from Forno Bravo. You can go with one layer and vermiculite outside of that, or two layers with or without vermiculite, or three.... (you can't really have too much insulation, other than cost). You can go with nothing but a thick layer of vermiculite, but the blanket is so much more efficient that I have decided to go with at least one layer of that. Look for vermiculite at large plant stores or landscape stores. You will probably have to ask for anything other than the expensive tiny bags that they retail, but it is available in 4 cubic foot bags. My local landscape folks quoted me $28 US for those.



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        Re: New member from Parry Sound, Canada

        Thanks Travis

        I am planning to start building in the Spring - Apr2008
        And will put all my progress here in the forum