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Hello From Ontario

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  • Hello From Ontario

    Hello all
    Started a 36 inch low vault oven last month. The oven is now complete and ready for insulation. Trying to get some ideas on gable house.


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    Re: Hello From Ontario

    Welcome aboard.

    Some pics would be great!!

    My thread:
    My costs:
    My pics:


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      Re: Hello From Ontario

      Yea - What Dave said. We're all about visuals

      In regard to gable enclosures, there is a butt load of those. Do a search of Ken - first one that came to mind.

      Check out my pictures here:

      If at first you don't succeed... Skydiving isn't for you.


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        Re: Hello From Ontario

        Thanks Dave ,Les
        My pictures are now up loaded, but I'm struggling on adding the link to my reply.

        PhotoPlog - Uploads Posted By Antonio D.


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          Re: Hello From Ontario

          Once you have the pictures uploaded in the photoplog, you can copy the [img]
          line below the picture, and place the picture directly in your reply:

          Like that.
          My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2


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            Re: Hello From Ontario

            From one Ontarian to another - welcome!
            There are no end of finishing styles and every oven seems to turn out unique so I'll look forward to seeing what you decide on.



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              Re: Hello From Ontario

              Antonio, did you embed a vermiculite layer into your concrete hearth, or is that just rough concrete I see in your picture? Looks nice either way.
              Picasa web album
              Oven-building thread


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                Re: Hello From Ontario

                Yes I did embed the vermiculite layer. The hearth is 5" steel reinforced concrete, and 5" vermiculite.
                PhotoPlog - Hearth and Stand


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                  Re: Hello From Ontario

                  finally completed my oven.
                  Just need to make a door




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                    Re: Hello From Ontario

                    My first post here! I'm glad to see there are others from Ontario here. I'll be building my own WFO when spring is here... this site will be an invaluable tool to help me accomplish that. I'm just starting to find my way around and I am especially interested in seeing what other northerners have done to build a secure foundation. I'm sure I will find the info I need but feel free to point me in the right directions if you have nothing to do.


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                      Re: Hello From Ontario

                      Welcome Pat,
                      I had a pool dug out the year before we built the oven. I had a 5 foot deep hole dug and we dumped all the leftover concrete in with rebar. so it's pretty solid. It is a bit of an overkill but at the time it was cheap and easy.
                      I would suggest going with a footing below the frostline (about 4 feet).
                      block up to hearth level and fill block with concrete. Styrofoam insulate on both sides of the block that is below ground level. When you pour the concrete
                      pad put a sheet of styrofoam between the concrete and the ground. Build your hearth and oven according to the plans.


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                        Re: Hello From Ontario

                        welcome pat and antonio,,,

                        glad to have you guys here,,, enjoy the site, when you finish the building there is plenty of info here on cooking too


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                          Re: Hello From Ontario

                          Thanks guys!
                          Antonio, do you think I should go thicker than 6 inches on the footing?


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                            Re: Hello From Ontario

                            I am especially interested in seeing what other northerners have done to build a secure foundation.
                            If I may be so bold, I'd suggest the Canadian method of shallow frost protected foundations, If you want more that the slab-on-crushed-rock method.

                            ESB: Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations
                            My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2


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                              Re: Hello From Ontario

                              Hi Pat,
                              6" is more than enough for a footing.
                              Where about in Ontario are you?