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Help needed.

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  • Help needed.

    Cladding has cracked the length of my oven.
    No insalation is added as yet.
    What can i do?????

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    Re: Help needed.

    Post some pictures...tell us more.

    Does the cracking line up with the bricks? Or is it surface cracking of the cladding?

    Has the oven been heated up already?

    Options...? Live with it?, Grind it out and repair?
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      Re: Help needed.

      Thanks for the reply.
      No the crack do not follow the line of brickwork.
      Small fires have been lit over a few days,with a larger one today.
      Thinking of drilling a few dyna bolts,say 500mm either side of the crack to that tie 12mm rod,then poor 50mm of concrete.