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Hi from Melbourne

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  • Hi from Melbourne


    new user from Melbourne, Australia.

    Oven is up and almost finished, just need to insulate and the final weather proof render.

    First firing was just to dry it out, second firing (even though it's un insulated) resulted in dinner and 2 loaves of bread.

    Most excellent site on WFO's I have found. Great forums too!


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    Re: Hi from Melbourne

    Welcome aboard!

    Where's the pics?

    My thread:
    My costs:
    My pics:


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      Re: Hi from Melbourne

      Melbourne eh.
      And signed off as Cia.org.
      So what's wrong with this picture, I ask meself.
      (But didn't answer. Ignorant swine.)

      Mate, rest easy eh. You have indeed stumbled upon a site littered with hard-core fundamentalists and their converts. People who deal in hellish temperatures. People with recipes to blow you away.

      People who love tucker, mate, and are just SO helpful/giving.
      Welcome eh. (Even if you are currently enrolled as a Mexican).
      Jeff the Bundabergian


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        Re: Hi from Melbourne

        OK, here is my first attempt to post a picture. If successful i will put a few more up.

        I had a great tip from a builder on how to create the formwork for the hearth slab... You can see it from the solid red bricks on top of the concrete blocks...

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          Re: Hi from Melbourne

          Another Mexican here too

          Good looking oven there talisker63

          (PS sorry about the hijack)


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            Re: Hi from Melbourne


            no problem, here is the latest pic - why did I render last Saturday in 35 degree heat!

            My wife is not sure whether to call is Uluru or Dog Turd. I think she is not impressed with the colour!

            Firing up this weekend for pizza and roast!
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              Re: Hi from Melbourne

              Ungrateful wench!!
              Put up a huge sign along the lines of

              "DOGTURD DROPINN", then invite the local priest around for grub.
              Mate, we still haven't done the final render. Might just whitewash the love of my life, and christen it THE WHITE ELEPHANT.Nah, no good: too cynical.
              Ashen Palace? Casper's Cave? BURNT LIMES?
              Ahh stuffit. Might just leave it naked, eh. That sounds about right.*
              Been warm down South eh. Feel for you mate.
              And Komodo - as in the Dragon? Gotter be a story there I reckon.
              Top cooking CIA Mex.
              ps.* "NAKIT NESS" perhaps? Naa. t.


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                Re: Hi from Melbourne

                You need a top coat to waterproof it...

                Thinking about painting the flue and arch with black heat proof paint (see "door Stuck" story)

                Also got a piece of granite for the landing FoC and some red brick pavers. Just too hot to work outdoors at the mo'



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                  Re: Hi from Melbourne

                  nice oven talisker......yep the weather is still cranking here in Adelaide......looks like its gonna be above 38 to next Tuesday.....hope it cools in time for an easter WFO feast tho

                  Build #1

                  Build #2 (Current)


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                    Re: Hi from Melbourne

                    Yeah it's stinking hot here too. Went to the Grand Prix yesterday it was 48C trackside. Had to drink many beers to stay cool.

                    On a more positive note, no Total Fire Ban today AND my new IR Thermometer ($65 on eBay) arrived. Pizza tonight!