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My first post!

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  • My first post!

    Hi Everyone:
    My name is Linda. I live in Ontario, Canada for about 9 months of the year
    and in Prince Edward Island during the summer, which is where I had my brick oven built. I spent this summer learning about my oven and trying to make bread using "The Bread Makers Apprentice" as my guide. I had some successes and some not so great breads. But I had the most terrific time ever! What could be better than baking bread in your oven and gazing out at the ocean
    Since returning to Ontario I've taken a weekend bread making course and have learned so many new techniques. Thanks Jim! Now I can't wait till next summer to practice. For now I'll have to settle for using my regular
    kitchen stove. Maybe one day I'll have an oven here in Ontario also.

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    Re: My first post!

    Welcome Linda! Do you have any pictures of your oven? Is it a round dome or a barrel type?

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      Re: My first post!

      Wecome aboard Linda! I think you will like it here. Everyone seems to be very friendly and helpful. If you're not sure about something - just ask. Unfortunatlly, I won't be able to help you for some time. I just started building mine. Hopefully though, one day soon, we'll be swappin' bread recipes.



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        Re: My first post!

        Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm going to try sending a photo. I hope this works. Since this photo was taken I have had a metal roof put over the structure.
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          Re: My first post!

          Originally posted by OntarioLinda View Post
          Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm going to try sending a photo. I hope this works. Since this photo was taken I have had a metal roof put over the structure.
          That's a beauty Linda!

          Welcome aboard.

          I may have to ask you some bread making questions soon!
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            Re: My first post!

            Welcome Linda!
            I'm a fellow Ontarian in Ottawa, in the process of completing my oven. Yours looks great and I can't help but wonder, did you choose the colour to match the soil in PEI?
            There's a ton of information on this forum and lots of great people ready to answer questions, offer opinions or hear what you've got to say, so jump right in with anything you want to know or share.



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              Re: My first post!

              You're so right, Sarah. It was the suggestion of person who built
              my oven to put some pigment into the cement to match the red soil
              of P.E.I. This summer we had a gazebo built on one side of the oven and a
              pergola built on the other side. Because our property is so exposed to the
              elements we needed some added protection. Part of the fun of having the oven is the joy in making pizza and breads for my family and friends.

              When do you expect your oven to be finished? You must be so excited.

              It's great to know there are so many people on the forum with so much knowledge to answer any questions. Thank you.


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                Re: My first post!

                Adding another welcome, Linda. My office is on the Markham/Richmond Hill border (I overlook the RH municipal offices) so if you do build an oven in Ontario and need a taster, keep in mind that I'm local
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                  Re: My first post!

                  Thanks Alfredo - If I'm ever lucky enough to have another oven built here in
                  Richmond Hill, I'll let you know.


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                    Re: My first post!

                    Hi Linda - to answer your question, I had my second curing fire tonight so it won't be long now till I can cook! I'm already thinking about a second oven too since I spend most summer weekends at the lake.

                    If you have photos of your oven with the pergola and gazebo added, let us see!


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                      Re: My first post!

                      Won't be long now Sarah. What is the first thing you are going to bake in your oven?
                      As requested, I'm sending a few more pics of the newly added and not quite finished gazebo and pergola. It's a little difficult to see but the oven is in the middle. Hope this works.
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                        Re: My first post!

                        Nice work on pergola and gazebo Linda. Sarah, I have been watching your build too which has been impressive. If we get a few more members from Ontario we may have a regional Forno Bravo chapter. We can design a patch, put it on leather jackets and ride loud motercycles......then again maybe not!

                        Cheers from northern Ontario, John
                        "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas A. Edison


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                          Re: My first post!


                          Glad you joined. You'll find a very well rounded and well adjusted group here with lots of knowledge and expertise. By the way, your malt powder is on its way.

                          "Made are tools, and born are hands"--William Blake, 1757-1827


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                            Re: My first post!

                            Thanks for your comments Versachi! I wonder how many people there are in Ontario with ovens? Sarah, I was just looking at pics of your oven and saw your first fire photos. Since I'm new here I don't know the history? Did you built this yourself? If so, I'm amazed. It looks great! Soon ...... pizza!

                            Jim, thanks for the welcome. Your are right, I'm going to gain lots of knowledge and hopefully share some ideas too. Thanks for sending the malt powder. I've received some info from SFBI re the bread dough mixer.
                            I'm seriously considering! I'm trying to justify the cost as I just purchased a new Kitchen Aid 600 a few months ago. However, I'll be able to take the SP5 to P.E.I. where I really need a good mixer. They'll come from far and wide when they smell that bread cooking!


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                              Re: My first post!

                              Hi Linda,

                              Your pergola and gazebo look great – what a terrific space the whole thing makes all together!

                              Versachi, thanks for your comment on my oven, and you’re right about the Ontario chapter – it’s nice to see our growing presence. I could actually do that motorcycle thing - funny story, I actually won a three-day training course a number of years ago, by filling out a ballot on a whim, and came out of it with a bike license ... which I have never needed since that day. But it’s there, just in case!

                              Linda, I can’t take all the credit for my oven - my husband and I built it together. I’d say the work came out at an even 50/50 split but when we got to the dome, he did most of the brick cutting while I did all of the brick placing. This project has really been my baby though, with me doing all of the research on how to proceed. We have tackled a number of other DIY projects together and he is always the one to lead so it’s been hard for him to let me be the one to run this but we have managed ... so far ...

                              As for what to cook first – maybe pizza? It’s so hard to narrow down all the great choices but pizza appeals due to the exceedingly short cook time. Then there are the 8 dozen cookies I need by mid-December for an exchange – I keep wondering if I could possibly manage to bake them in this oven without more practice than I’ll have time for. I’ll have to try at least one batch in there though.