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New 36" in Oslo, Norway

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  • New 36" in Oslo, Norway

    I've been a hangaround here since 2009, in 2010 I started digging to build my outdoor kitchen. I've completed the kitchen including a stand for a 36" Pompeii oven. Pics will be added later I am now starting to gather the materials for building. I have a couple of newbe hearth-questions:

    - is there a big difference between using superisol plates (Ytong is what you get here) or perlite as hearth? Seems to me to be a easier way out to use plates(?)

    - Should the perlite/superisol- layer be placed under the cookingfloor and kept separate from the outer edge of the stand (circular mould inside stand-top), or should this layer cover the whole stand-top. I see different solutions are used, but what is better according to heat-loss?

    - what is ultimate thickness of the perlite-layer?

    I hope I will be good at documenting the prossess, but it's not my strongest side

    And thanks for this site, without it I would have had a hard time researching all the details.

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    Re: New 36" in Oslo, Norway

    Here is my outdoor kitchen with WFO-stand.

    The counter top is polished concrete made from white portland cement and marble sand.

    I´m in the process of gathering materials for starting the WFO-build.

    Wish me luck
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      Re: New 36" in Oslo, Norway

      Here´s a pic of the process of building the kitchen
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        Re: New 36" in Oslo, Norway

        Hi Rix. Looks like a good start.

        To your question, the Superisol (assume this is cal-sil) will give you more insulation in less space than perlite w/concrete. One inch of superisol is probably worth ~3 inches or more of perl-crete (perlite mixed with concrete). The trade-off is cost. Cal-sil board is much more expensive than perl-crete. It really depends on whether or not you have the room to give up in height for perl-crete. You might need 4-8 inches of that where you could get by with 2-3 inches of cal-sil.

        Sorry for all the imperial measurements. America is still holding on to the past.
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