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Hello from chilly NJ

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  • Hello from chilly NJ

    Hi all, my name is art, I'm from NJ and I'm just starting gathering materials for my barrel vault oven. I'm an electrician by trade but have done minor masonry work before and possess all the tools to do it. This forum has been a huge help for the planning so far and look forward to sharing pictures of my build, and I'm sure I'll have some questions along the way.
    I was lucky to get 175 firebrick for free just last week, the masons on a job were ready to toss them in a dumpster , and just happened to be right there.. Big score, I went out and bought 40 more in red to "checker" the oven floor.
    I also acquire fireclay and sand, some free cinder blocks, free rebar and some bags of sakcrete. I'm still looking for loose vermiculite or perlite, but have someone close by with ceramic boards and blankets.
    I just need the damn ground to thaw so I could start the foundation..


    Ps.. My first attempt at posting pictures
    One is firebricks
    The other is a truck full of oak I picked up

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    Re: Hello from chilly NJ

    Welcome from ct, it's cold here as well. Try uline.com for vermiculite fast shipping reasonable I've bought plenty very popular online packaging store it comes 2 bags per box I used 4 just to fill my house built over oven. Good luck I started my build in January in my basement then transferred outside in May


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      Re: Hello from chilly NJ

      Hi Art,

      Looks like you are an Artful repurposer, LOL. Free or next to free is always good. Since you are in the building trade, talk to some of your block layers and see where they get to vermiculite or perlite for filling the CMU cores. Nice looking oak BTW.
      Build Link............... Picassa Photo Album Link


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        Re: Hello from chilly NJ

        Hi Art!

        are you certain that you want to build a barrel vault oven and not a Pompeii?

        I started out intending to build a barrel vault and then changed to a Pompeii after I had built my stand.

        Just curious!

        Good luck!


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          Re: Hello from chilly NJ

          Art, welcome to the forum, I'm a little bit north of you, in Morristown.

          Your mention of fireclay has me intrigued. May I ask what you plan on using that for?


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            Re: Hello from chilly NJ

            My re-do for an oven would be a barrel vault oven. Much easier to build also.

            scott123... I grew up in Greendell. There is a dog kennel there my Mom started that kennel back in the 60's. As a kid I would ride my bike to Morristown because they had a great ice cream shop there. So much has changed can't say I would want to go back.


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              Re: Hello from chilly NJ

              Thanks guys.. I'm building a barrel vault because I like the idea of an oven that stays hot longer, and the amount of pizzas I'll be cooking it shouldn't make a difference. I actually like bread more than pizza too.. Lol.
              The fireclay is for the high temp morter for between the firebricks and for under the cooking floor..


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                Re: Hello from chilly NJ

                Here is the picture of the free firebricks..



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                  Re: Hello from chilly NJ

                  Thanks for the responses.. I tried posting yesterday but it never showed up on the thread.
                  The reason for fireclay is high temp morter and setting the firebrick floor..
                  I picked up more cinder blocks today, and a bunch more bags of sakrete. I also marked out the ground for the foundation. Unfortunately it's gonna snow tomorrow night so it's gonna be awhile before the Crete goes down. All I could do is keep gathering and hope for the weather to break.


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                    Re: Hello from chilly NJ

                    Hey Art, welcome aboard as well! I look forward to following your build as i embark on the journey myself.