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New 42" Pompeii in Denmark - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community


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New 42" Pompeii in Denmark

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  • New 42" Pompeii in Denmark

    Hello you good people
    I have finally come down to start building my WFO. That is untill now I have started extending the terrace to fit the oven.
    Decided to go for a 42" high vault after a lot of reading at this site. You see my brick-prototype in the background, and the mould for the foundation slab.
    Looking forward to share my progress with you
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    Re: New 42&quot; Pompeii in Denmark

    Welcome! You are in the right place to get a lot of great advice!

    That is a beautiful location you have there!


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      Re: New 42&quot; Pompeii in Denmark

      Welcome David!

      Always nice to see another scandinavian here.
      I will follow your progress with interest. Im in the progress of building my own, i'm about to start building my dome. I'm learning as i go, but may also have some good advices.

      Ser ut som en bra start!

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        Re: New 42&quot; Pompeii in Denmark

        How is it going ?



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          Re: New 42&quot; Pompeii in Denmark

          Welcome and best of luck with your build. I look forward to seeing your progress.


          Link to my photo album:

          Link to my build: http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f21/...nia-19366.html


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            Re: New 42&quot; Pompeii in Denmark


            Looks like you have a smaller oven in the background there? Is it functional?
            My Progress:


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              Re: New 42&quot; Pompeii in Denmark

              Nice looking site, but it's along way from the house!


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                Re: New 42&quot; Pompeii in Denmark

                Hello again. Sorry for not having posted for a while, but winter, work, woman and worries about frost depth have kept me from having anything to share. Now I have built a foundation 800 millimeters (32 ") under terrain, and hope the topping stays on the pizzas for years to come. In the comming week I plan to pour the slap.
                Texman: the oven in the background burns wood allright, but does not retain the heat.
                The new oven is on a terrace adjacent (can't spell that word!) to the house. It's the roof of the neighbours garage in the background
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                  Re: New 42&quot; Pompeii in Denmark

                  Slap is poured with rebar and 50 mm (2") insulation under.
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                    Re: New 42&quot; Pompeii in Denmark

                    You are off to a great start- Commence sore muscles....

                    I often cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food...
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                      Re: New 42&quot; Pompeii in Denmark

                      Block stand coming up. After work before dinner job and in the middle of the sea-trout season. It is hard to find time for it all. BTW all materials so far are scavenged. If anybody should wonder why I use blocks of different sizes. Will have to buy the last 15 blocks though
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                        Re: New 42&quot; Pompeii in Denmark

                        Ready to fill the blocks. Hope I'll have the time to do it soon.
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                          Re: New 42&quot; Pompeii in Denmark

                          Nothing wrong with being a scavenger........good start.
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                            Re: New 42&quot; Pompeii in Denmark

                            Let me second Russell on the great start and the scavaging. My stand is 100% used block. I get a kick out of scavaging (scrounging) for building material.

                            On filling those blocks, I have a little tip that helps on small projects. I made a couple of scoops from 1 gallon jugs during the course of my build. The first one I used to fill the cells in my stand. It is flexable enough to get the the last drop out the corners of a wheelbarow, and it forms perfectly to fit the cmu cells for filling without spilling .

                            Name:  0c3c510da418f6de500157c0e4fc67a7.jpg
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                            I later, used one just like it (the one in the pic) to mix my vcrete.
                            joe watson

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                              Re: New 42&quot; Pompeii in Denmark

                              Nothing like a bit of 'creative upcycling'. After watching some of the builds here some folk would appreciate being able to get their hands on good 'rescued' materials.

                              A lot of beauty of some material is in the passing of time etched on its surface.
                              Cheers ......... Steve

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