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My new Primavera 60!

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  • My new Primavera 60!

    I am a proud owner of a new Primavera 60! It's been a long time coming. I have had this on my wish list for some time. I hope you already know me, from visiting Pizza Quest! I've been making and taking photos of my pizzas made in my home oven for a few years now. I've had great results, but always wanted a wood fired oven for so many reasons. Well, a crate came to the house the other day and for $20 the delivery guy helped me roll it straight into my back yard and plopped it on my patio!

    Here it is! I love the new color (red) that the Primavera's come in.

    I have a small back yard, so this is perfect. I've been reading the forum for some time, and I do want to build an oven some day, but this is perfect for me right now.

    I've just completed my 5 Day curing schedule. It was driving me crazy! It wasn't as easy as you would think - making and maintaining low temperature fires for 5 days. The hardest part was smelling the wood burn for hours and hours and not being able to throw a pizza in there. I couldn't help myself one night and I chopped up a few potatoes, seasoned them added some butter and olive oil and wrapped them in foil and tossed them in the oven. I hated to see the heat go to waste!

    I'll get into this more in another post, and definitely in more detail over on Pizza Quest, but I chose to go the Engine Hoist route when installing this thing on it's stand. It's heavy! As FB suggests, 4 people can lift it, but I didn't want to risk anyone pulling their back out - when I could rent a hoist for $25. Let me tell you, it was worth it.

    To get my introduction over with sooner rather than later, here are some pictures of my first pizzas. Yesterday, the day after I finished the curing fires, I took this thing out for a test drive. It's a little nerve wracking to take it up to pizza temperatures after spending 5 days trying to maintain a smaller fire for hours on end. But, as we know, it is built to run, so you just have to go with it. Once I saw the dome clearing, my fears faded away and I was giddy with anticipation.

    I know there will still be some curing time coming until the oven hits it's sweet spot. I know I will go through a lot of ups and downs as I learn to drive this thing. I already find myself thinking about how to find a deal on firewood. This is going to be a lot of fun!

    Anyway, here are a few pics of my first pizzas: a basic Margherita and a "kid" pizza with salami for my daughter. The Margherita would be a kid pizza, but it has something GREEN on it! Oh my.

    I had about 750 on the floor and it showed in the high 8's and 9's on the dome - depending on how big the fire on the side was going. Not bad for a first try.

    The kid pizza:

    I had to clean up and run after this test drive. I can't wait to fire it up again!

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    Re: My new Primavera 60!

    Congrats, nothing like the first pizza.

    Link to my Picasa Album


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      Re: My new Primavera 60!

      That is great-crate to pizza in 5 days! you didn't even get to clean up brick dust
      I really think if i ever have a need for another oven i will go this route instead of building. Just because of the time alone.

      My Progress:


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        Re: My new Primavera 60!

        Proud owner of a new baby...

        And the pizza looks great....


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          Re: My new Primavera 60!

          You need a hat for that flue pipe to keep out the rain. An upturned terracotta flowerpot saucer would suffice.
          Nice pizza.
          Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.


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            Re: My new Primavera 60!

            Originally posted by david s View Post
            You need a hat for that flue pipe to keep out the rain. An upturned terracotta flowerpot saucer would suffice.
            Nice pizza.
            It came with a clay pot! Has anyone attached a metal top to one of these that allows smoke out, but keeps water out as well?