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New build in Pa.

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  • New build in Pa.

    My wife and I have been considering a build for a couple of years now. Last summer I built a temporary oven out of old clay bricks. We came across a site online that showed you how to build it. After I got all the materials together it took me a couple of hours to put it together and we were eating pizza that night! We had a lot of fun with that last summer. That confirmed our desire to build a real oven.I'm planning to build a 42" Pompeii oven, corner build with a 6' long countertop for prep work.
    I have the footprint for the slab dug out and am considering installing 8" sonotubes in the corners and one at end of the counter at a depth of 42". I'm not sure if I really need them. With 6" of 3/4 crushed stone and then 6" of concrete on top of that the 8" footers may be a little overkill. Any suggestions or opinions?

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    Re: New build in Pa.

    Steve, Yes the 8" sonotubes are over kill. But do use a rebar grid in your slab. 1/2" @
    12" O.C. would be great. Don't forget to drive your form stakes flush with your form lumber. Get them out of your way for screading concrete.


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      Re: New build in Pa.

      Thanks Silvfox,
      Just concerned about heaving in the winter, but there will be a lot of weight on that slab. Where in Minnesota are you? I lived in Minneapolis in the late 70's, early 80's. I went to Bethel College and then to the U of M.


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        Re: New build in Pa.

        If your slab is poured on virgin soil (no back fill) any frost heave will be uniform and won't cause a tilt in a floor this small. If you're forming with 2 x 6 thats plenty thick enough for a good solid foundation that will be there long after you. I'm in SE MN. and graduated from St. Mary's U in Winona.