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Pizza Oven--Convince my wife, Please!

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  • Pizza Oven--Convince my wife, Please!

    Hi ~ We're planning to build an addition on our existing home and want to install a wood-fired pizza oven, but have some questions about what we're getting into. For instance, how much heat does the oven throw into the room? What about smoke, ashes, etc.? We are remodeling our kitchen and adding a large adjoining dining room, and want to incorporate the pizza oven into the addition. Any suggestions or comments? My wife is very apprehensive about the heat, fire dangers, etc. Help me convince her this is a good idea!
    Thanks ~ Bob

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    Indoor pizza oven. Good Idea?

    Hi Bob,
    I've been staring at the post you wrote about 'convincing your wife that building an oven in your new addition is a good idea'. Well, first of all, I should tell you that I don't yet have an oven because I'm still waiting for the ground to thaw to start my backyard (complete renovation) project which will include among many things, a Pompeii oven. I'm sure this forum has some members who have an indoor oven and they would be 100% more qualified than me to tell you about the 'heat, smoke, and ashes etc.' that you asked about. Is it a good idea? Personally, I think it's 'great' idea! But it sounds to me like your wife would never use it. If she's worried about the 'smoke, ash, and fire dangers', would she ever light it up on her own? Maybe you'd be better off planning an outdoor oven so she would feel more relaxed in using it. My wife and I love to cook (and eat!) and we're also doing a complete kitchen renovation. But I know I'd be the only one using an indoor wood fired oven if we put one in the kitchen. Just some food for thought!
    Best to you both, Rick
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      Indoor oven

      We have an indoor oven, and really enjoy it. The smoke is minimal -- less than many fireplaces I have seen, and because the oven is so enclosed, there is very little risk of sparks. The oven would be well insulated, so not much heat finds its way into the room. We also pull the fire forward after cooking to enjoy the flame while eating. The oven works well in the winter and the cooler spring and autumn evenings. It is also easier to bake with the retained heat, because your oven is right there when you are cleaning up at night.

      Our oven is on the far wall of a great room, across from the kitchen, so the entire space feels like one big kitchen/living area -- which is good for entertaining. Your guests are always in the "kitchen."

      I wrote a not-too-serious financial justification for buying a pizza oven and an espresso machine. It's here:


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        One more thing on indoor ovens

        It turns out that a majority of the prefab ovens sold in Italy are installed indoors. Many of the houses here have a ground floor room that was used either for animals or storage in the good old days. They are being rennovated into a casual entertaining or games room call a Rustica (rustic). You see a fireplace pizza oven and various other weekend living things. That is what Kyle Phillips, the Italian food writer at about.com has in the house he just bought.

        You won't be alone if you do it.

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          She said OK!

          Hello again,

          Well, between your comments and the continuing research, I think my wife is starting to get as excited about an indoor pizza oven as I am. Thanks for the help, guys! We can't wait to get started on this project--our friends are already looking forward to Saturday night pizza parties. We'll be gathering more information until we get it all figured out.

          Thanks again,


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            Hey Bob,
            Congrats! on the 'go ahead' of the oven!! Take some pics of the 'before and after'. 'If you build it....they will come' (...and eat pizza!!!)

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