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Hello from Idaho

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  • Hello from Idaho

    Hey there and Happy Holidays everyone!

    My name is Alex. I live in S.E. Idaho. I have been curious about "brick" ovens for a few years now but never took the time to research them. So, the other day I Googled "brick oven forum" and it brought me here. It didn't take long for me to realize I have stumbled across something good. I have since been soaking in all that I can about wood-fired brick ovens. There are some great threads on here that have really motivated me to get this thing going!

    Unfortunately, I'm in Idaho... in winter. No foundation digging for a few more months :/ That's ok though. It will give me time to really read up on all the things I have planned and to save my pennies. I will check locally first to see if it is wiser to buy the materials for the Pompeii oven locally or just order the kit?

    For a while now, my wife and I have been discussing building a patio with a pergola and a hot tub. Now we're even more excited to be adding an outdoor kitchen to the plans. We know it will be a big project but we feel confident in our abilities to make it happen. Especially with the help from all the great forum members on here!

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    Re: Hello from Idaho

    Welcome to the forum! I'm located in Boise and was in your shoes with the same questions a year ago. I broke ground last April and have had my oven functional since July. This spring and summer I'll get the finish work done and lay a patio around it.

    Shoot me a note if you're heading over to Boise anytime soon and I'll show it off.

    Below is a link to my build:



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      Looking forward to seeing your progress when you do get started.

      Those sharp tailed grouse are my favorite! Haven't had one since living in Montana in the mid seventies. Sage grouse are pretty good too. My brother, in Thayne, WY, says the sage grouse populations are shrinking there, I hope the upland game bird populations are thriving where you are.
      Lee B.
      DFW area, Texas, USA

      If you are thinking about building a brick oven, my advice is Here.
      Our One Meter Pompeii Oven album is here.
      An album showing our Thermal Breaks is Here.

      I try to learn from my mistakes, and from yours when you give me a heads up.


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        Re: Hello from Idaho

        Hi guys, thanks for the replies. M1m, I looked through your build, nice work! I do get over to Boise every now and then. Next time I'm over there, I'll look ya up. Lburou, I love to hunt all upland species over my German Shorthairs. That is my true passion. I do think that the grouse numbers, like all the other species, are in a steady decline... sadly. My in-laws live in Thayne, what a small world!

        My plans for my oven stemmed from me wanting to build a better smoker. I really enjoy smoking my own BBQ but the weather in Idaho rarely lends well to maintaining the constant temps that good BBQ requires. So I thought brick would shield well against the cool winds we frequently have. Somehow in all my online searching for brick smokers I found this site and new that I just had to have a WFO to be the center role in our outdoor kitchen. I'm reading a bunch and trying to formulate a mental picture of just how I want it to look. I'm sure I'll have a billion questions once I proceed, but I'm trusting this site will be plenty useful.


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          Re: Hello from Idaho

          Hello Idahonian! I'm one of those "northerners" up in the Pan Handle. I've been enjoying and using my oven for a few years now. Contemplating digging through the snow to do some cooking tomorrow as work will be closed.

          Both plans and kits have their advantages. A kit is probably faster, but may cost more. That said, you can easily spend plenty on a do-it-yourself model too. I built my own from FB plans (very good) and used mostly old kiln bricks from a defunct mill, but also a few new ones for the floor (per the recommendations here). Old bricks work fine for the dome since you cut them in half and the cut side can go inside for a cleaner look. It took me a while to find reasonably priced new bricks, but you should have no problem finding them somewhere along the interstate down there. If you do opt to build your own, invest in a good sized brick saw. I used a Harbor Freight one that is mentioned often here. They are good for cheaper diamond blades too. You can probably get some money back on it later on Craigslist as well. Just find another oven builder :-) A word of warning, though. The building will never end. You will continually think up new and great things to add to the space. I'm waiting to finish off an aircraft carrier sized concrete bar next to mine .....

          Give us a holler if you are ever up this way ....

          A North Idaho Build


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            Re: Hello from Idaho

            So how are the plans and design coming along? I keep going back and forth about my build plans switching off between the igloo and the enclosure. Have you decided on what you want?

            I sent you a private message about possibly going in on ordering some supplies but I never heard back. I am looking at doing it soon so if you are interested you need to let me know SOON!

            Good luck with everything!