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Bloody Aussies, showing up everywhere!

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  • Bloody Aussies, showing up everywhere!

    And here's another one!
    Hi All, Matt from Albury, NSW.
    Looking to start my WFO in the next week or so.
    Just Got my kit from Melbourne Firebricks - thanks Ben.
    Planning on doing a 42" Pompeii hoping to get it finished in the school holidays (in 2 weeks time).
    Should have the foundation done this weekend, the stand up during the week (doing a double house brick base), then the oven Base done during the following weekend.
    Any way, thanks to all for tips and tricks, some great resources here hope to show off my oven soon with a few home made craft beers!


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    Re: Bloody Aussies, showing up everywhere!

    Gi Day Hammo
    Seems like when the folk in the Nth'n part of the globe start shutting down for the winter ....the Aussies are just getting flashed up... roll on summer

    Regards Dave
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    Cut once
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      Re: Bloody Aussies, showing up everywhere!

      hammo dont rush it mate, i would let it cure for a mouth before you start you cure fires if you use vemiculite as insulation even longer . enjoy the build mate


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        Re: Bloody Aussies, showing up everywhere!

        Hey Guys.
        Not planning to rush it too much. What about perlite, would it be a better option to use. I have read somewhere that a week is a good drying time for a vermiculite floor, I'm hoping that this will work with my timeline.
        Do I need to do a vermiculite floor if I have an insulation base under the floor bricks?

        I would like to have the oven cured by mid November, do a few test Pizzas, ready for 4-5 pizza/beer/pool parties!!


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          Re: Bloody Aussies, showing up everywhere!

          Hi Hammo,

          6 of 1 and half a dozen of another, Hard to say whats best I have a good layer of vermiculite mixed with cement under the insulation board which is under the fire bricks & in my humble opinion you cant have too much insulation.
          Especially if you want to try slow cooked meats down the track, the better your insulation the more stable your heat loss will be and as for the drying personally I didn't worry about the base at all, however I took my time with drying out the dome.

          good luck.



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            Re: Bloody Aussies, showing up everywhere!

            hammo it takes about 6hrs for the heat to get the bottom of my concrete luke warm .i have 100mm of concrete and 100mm of vemiculite


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              Re: Bloody Aussies, showing up everywhere!

              Thanks for that!
              Got everything I need now to get cracking! Except for a cement mixer, which will be here this week!

              Pics soon to come.