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Stucco issues

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  • Stucco issues

    I have my Forno Bravo Casa2G80 stove on top of its insulation and with the cooking floor in place. I'll cement the joints - that seems no problem. Then the insulation gets wrapped on the stove and it's at this point I run into questions. I want to create a finished dome in stucco, including a flat front face and square stucco chimney enclosure (around the stainless pipe that came with the stove, but should I swap this out for double-walled?) and a shell over the dome that de-emphasizes the low spot at the oven door (so, built up more over the neck than the dome itself). I think I can use metal lath for the front face and the chimney surround. Creating the dome cover is where I'm puzzled. I've read materials on this forum that suggest using a welded frame of thin rebar, with screen mounted to the frame and hardware cloth on top of that and vermiculite to fill the irregularities between the frame/screen/cloth and the bat insulation. Others seem less concerned with creating such a frame system and seem to say something less is adequate, perhaps just sturdy hardware cloth with heavy duty aluminum foil between the bat insulation and the hardware cloth. Is there a preferred method for creating a substrate for a stucco shell that will resist cracking? A reason for keeping the stucco off the insulation (or a particular distance from it)? A list of the methods other folks have used successfully?

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    Re: Stucco issues


    Please call me at 1-800-407-5119 ext 14.

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      Re: Stucco issues

      I'll try to call tomorrow, Thursday, July 21. I uploaded a picture but I'm not sure whether it will come to you with this message or how you might view it.


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        Re: Stucco issues

        Hi TomR,
        I just gave my oven a face lift. After using my oven for a short while, I realized I needed more insulation. I purposefully didn't do the finish stucco for that reason. I couldn't get expanded perlite at the time and un-expaned perlite was readily available. So I used 4" of that at first. It worked pretty well but was getting to around 150F on the outer surface of the dome. So I found a source of of expanded perlite (they use it for lightweight high-rise construction here) and added 4" more expanded perlite....

        Sorry guys I was having trouble uploading and I thought I had deleted this. since it's still here, i'll continue.

        ...Unfortunately the camera was on the wrong setting and can't load pics of the process. Once the 4" of expanded perlite was applied, a skim-coat of red-oxide/portland was applied to give finish coat. Once that has dried I will finish it with a poly-urethane flat finish. My oven is in-doors and not exposed to any moisture.

        Currently, the oven is in cure right now and sweating like a pig. A lot of moisture has been coming out on it's own without any help for the past 4 days so I decided to build a small fire today and it went well. Got it to 300F and kept it there for about 8 hours. Some hairline cracks around the flue area, but minor. I reinforced the flue area well with wire lathe and created a space btw the two with cardboard. I'm hoping it will just turn to ash without a big mess.

        Here are some pics of the finished product:

        My connection still won't let me upload, will try my other connection.
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          Re: Stucco issues

          Finaly I got some thing to upload.
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            Re: Stucco issues

            I reinforced the flue area well with wire lathe and created a space btw the two with cardboard. I'm hoping it will just turn to ash without a big mess.:

            I use this method too, but surprisingly the cardboard does not burn away and it is subject to some pretty extreme temps. My mobile oven is about 4 years old and gets a he'll of a work out. People treat it like a hire car. "I wonder how hot I can get this thing?" the cardboard has not burnt away although I have about 15 mm of vermicrete between it and the flue pipe as a fusion.
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