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Hello, Forno Bravo Community Forum Members!

The Forno Bravo team has heard the feedback in regards to the community forum. We wanted to take the time to re-enforce our commitment to a fully engaged Forum with professional moderation.

Our top priority as a company is to fix all forum errors and issues that you are experiencing. As we are swiftly working on these problems, we want to say that we highly value the Forum Bravo Community Forum and every single community forum member.

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Thank you for all of your patience and continued support.

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  • Introduction

    HI, I'm introducing my husband and myself, both new to this forum.
    We live in SW Michigan and operate a small organic fruit farm and bake in a 52"x60" Mugnaini oven. We are looking for plans and/or a mason to build a white or Gueulard oven that is a bit larger than what we are currently using.
    Can anyone recommend a mason or share plans ?

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    Re: Introduction

    Hi Michigan,
    Not much here on Gueulard ovens. There are plans in the Forno Brovo store for free. Just go through the check-out process and you will be charged $0. As I understand a Gueulard oven is an oven with the heat source outside the oven, like in a separate fire-box. The dimensions for the FB design are for the fire inside the oven. Don't know if they translate well to the external fire-box. good luck.
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      Re: Introduction

      There is very little actual experience with modern "white" ovens. We've seen some illustrations from old books posted, but I don't remember any actual builds. The only real white ovens being built that I know of are accessories to masonry heaters. MHA has more. These ovens are tiny, and not suited to commercial use.
      One more link from ALF who used to be associated with FB in the UK. Maybe James would have a contact.
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        Re: Introduction

        I would suggest contacting Albie Barden owner of Mainewoodheat.com. He specializes in masonry heaters. He may know a mason in the mid-west that might be able to help.


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          Re: Introduction

          Thanks everyone for your suggestions.. ill check out the FB plans and ask around via your leads. Ive been asking all the old people i know in my town..looking for wisdom. But with the funny looks i get, I'm waiting for the Freemasons to show up at my home.
          Ha ..I'll let you all know if i find what I'm looking for.


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            Re: Introduction

            HI, i went looking for the plans on the FB site. i couldn't locate them can you point me in the right direction??


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              Re: Introduction


              Welcome to the site. You can find the Pompeii oven plans in the FB store. Click on Order, e-books and cd rom's and you're there. Place your Pompeii oven plan order and you will not be charged.