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Noob in Marin, CA

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  • Noob in Marin, CA

    OK, I'm hooked: wood fire, savory neopolitan pizzas, breads - whats not to like? In Mi Casa, there are just 2 of us most of the time, so I thought the Casa 2G80 would be a good fit. We might have 4-6 gatherings in a year (fyi).

    1. Will I have buyer's remorse that I didn't go bigger? (space is not a consideration)
    2. Is cracking common in all ovens or just those that are precast (i.e. all brick vs precast)? When can it become a problem?
    3. Are there any examples of an outdoor fireplace / pizza oven build (over-under or side-by-side) and how do you like it?
    4. How long does it take to cook a pizza in this oven?
    5. How do you like your Casa 2G and when is your next pizza party? (I'll bring the wine!)

    thanks in advance for your considered reply(s),


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    Re: Noob in Marin, CA

    I can't answer all the questions, but..

    1. Generally, not many people complain that they go bigger, but many complain about too small (again that's a general statement not necessarily related to oven size). The downside, if there is one, to going bigger, it takes longer to heat up and therefore uses more wood (fuel). I'd say go to the next size up and you probably won't have buyer's remorse.
    2. Cracks are common in all builds. proper manufacture or build will keep these to a minimum.
    3. Yes. You'll have to peruse the galleries for specific builds/pictures.
    4. Typically, not more than 3 minutes, usually 1.5-2 minutes is most common. This is a direct factor of how hot your oven is and how long you've been 'warming' it up.

    Good luck!
    My oven (for now):


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      Re: Noob in Marin, CA

      Thanks Tman1, that helps a lot. Your quick build oven is commendable in getting to the heart of the matter - make pizza now! Are you hooked and have you started a more permanent structure?



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        Re: Noob in Marin, CA

        I am hooked... we cooked over 20 pizza's the day after turkey day.. in 15*F temps. It was still good. I haven't fired it up since because it just hasn't worked out (available time combined with reasonable temps).

        I haven't started a permanent structure yet, but i have a really nice photo on my desktop of one I love. I think I have too much space, making for a difficult decision. I've got 17 acres and a part of me would like to go and make a nice spot out it in the way back of the property where there's some trees and have a more woodsy setting, but I think that's a pipe dream... just too far away. I'll end up doing something within 100' of the house... somewhere.. but until then the quick build will suffice.
        My oven (for now):


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          Re: Noob in Marin, CA

          It takes much longer to prepare for making pizza: start the dough the previous day, chopping ingredients, firing the oven 1.5-2.5 hours. Then you put the pizza in and its done in less than 3 minutes. But it is worth it. I don't find I do it just for the 2 of us very often.


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            Re: Noob in Marin, CA

            Tman, why would you want to be 100 ft from the house in Minnesota? I'm about 25' here in Michigan and that's about perfect. New Years Eve we had to set up an umbrella by the oven... it rained. Super Bowl we did about 15 pizza's in 30 degree weather, and i was in shirtsleeves... between the heat of the oven and the proximity to the house it worked great.


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              Re: Noob in Marin, CA

              I'd prefer it closer for sure.. just the layout of my yard.
              My oven (for now):


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                Re: Noob in Marin, CA

                1. we have the casa2g90 and love the size. I can cook 3-4 pizza's at a time.
                2. I do have a hairline crack on the dome, no issue yet.
                3. it takes about 1.5 to 2 min to cook a pizza. dome is about 900 and oven floor around 700-750. 1 hr to 1.5hr warm up time from a cold start
                4.Love the oven.. got a great dough recipe, and san marzano DOP tomato sauce.
                Cooking a bacon wrapped pork loin as we speak.



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                  Re: Noob in Marin, CA

                  Mr. Fishn4daze,

                  sounds bitchin, . . . er great!
                  any photos of it? did you enclose or stucco it?
                  guess I forgot to ask how much wood one uses in a normal fire-up and would imagine they have to be split down from fireplace size . . .
                  anyway, thanks for the 2 cents, it all helps . . .



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                    Re: Noob in Marin, CA

                    gcm, if you give me you e-mail I can send some photos. I can not for the life of me figure out how to add photos in this forum.


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                      Re: Noob in Marin, CA


                      To post a photo, once you've entered your Reply text, click on the right-hand box below the message box labeled 'Go Advanced'. Scroll down to 'Manage Attachments' and click on 'Browse' to locate the folder/file you wish to post. Note the file size maximum and once you've located the desired image file click 'Upload'. After a few seconds you're good to go and can return to the original post and even preview it before you hit Submit.