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hello from england

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  • hello from england

    Hi Newbe here, great forum you have here i intend to make a pizza over soonish not as grand as the ones ive seen on here

    ive all ready made a tandoori oven for cooking flat breads [naans] and tandoori chicken

    looking forward to getting around the site, Thanks Unclebuck

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    Re: hello from england

    Hi the links didnt work

    heres link a to the host site
    Flickr: UB2003's Photostream


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      Re: hello from england

      Hello Unclebuck,

      I wanted a tandoor too. Please tell us how you made it. There is a place on the forum for such descriptions. I've done a lot of research and found those available in the US are very expensive and shipping is expensive to the US as well. Americans haven't "found" tandoor's yet so they are generally not commonly available. England sure has a lot of them available and even the clay pot is available for self builders. What clay oven did you choose? Is it a genuine tandoor oven or a terracotta garden piece? What is the coating you put on the outside of it? What kind of foods do you like to cook in it? How well does it cook nann bread? Enough questions for this message, I've got more though.


      Here is the link to my oven number 1 construction photos!

      Here is the link to my oven number 2 construction photos!


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        Re: hello from england

        hello azpizzanut,
        I have made one before it was a smaller one i didn't cover it in the winter and the heavy frost we had cracked the pot

        , so i took it apart and built a bigger one.

        i used normal materials from a builders yard no fire bricks of mortar.
        heres a link to my last build
        Flickr: Tandoori project's Photostream


        the pot is a terracotta garden pot i turned it upside down cut the bottom out, i hope the photos provided help show how it was made and insulated with perlite.

        Any Questions just ask I'm no expert mind,
        i can give you some recipes if you wish.
        All the best unclebuck.

        ps, dont know if you have seen this site before?
        Last edited by Unclebuck; 11-03-2010, 02:23 PM.


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          Re: hello from england

          Hello everybody..I am new member of this community..


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            Re: hello from england

            Welcome Unclebuck.

            Always good to see more UK builders on here.

            Your Tandoor oven looks great. I've been trying to make good naan for ages... maybe I need to build one of these. Looks like they take less space than a pizza oven - shame I don't have more space.

            Good luck.



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              Re: hello from england

              Great project.

              Im wondering if I could just stick the naan bread to the hot ceiling of my pizza oven?
              Would that work?

              What sort of temps does your oven get too?
              The English language was invented by people who couldnt spell.

              My Build.



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                Re: hello from england

                Thanks jammyweb.

                brickie in oz,
                I cant see why it wouldn't work in your oven or even placed on a pizza stone?i look to get the oven up to 400 degrees C for naan cooking.

                Regards Paul.


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                  Re: hello from england

                  Hello Moris, Brickie, Unclebuck,

                  Brickie, there is a lot of information and cooking methods on YouTube.com I was surprised to learn that some cooks don't use a tandoor at all. I am sure you can cook naan on the hearth like it were foccacia or pizza.

                  Unclebuck, you're planning a pizza oven .......but not as grand as the ones mentioned on the forum? A wood fired oven certainly doesn't need to be grand, mine aren't, but I am happy. You certainly have the ability to plan and build one, judging by your fine tandoors. They are plenty grand in their design and functionality. I'd like to suggest that you make the oven large enough so as to avoid the possibility of a too small space shared by pizza and embers.

                  Moris, tell us a little about yourself. Have you started an oven yet?


                  Here is the link to my oven number 1 construction photos!

                  Here is the link to my oven number 2 construction photos!


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                    Re: hello from england

                    blimey that Dutch guy loves building ovens - he must have got bored with his Pizza oven
                    and had a go at a tandoor
                    VillaGok brick oven

                    I remember seeing this build a few years ago and deciding i needed to build one although not as grand....the terracotta pot is a good idea tho ..for my chimney used a underground council clay pipe and saved a fortune rather than fancy liners etc..



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                      Re: hello from england

                      nice build there ross, well done mate