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Wood Fired Cooking Video Input

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  • Wood Fired Cooking Video Input

    Forno Bravo is in the early stages of putting together a video on oven management and cooking. As we are putting the content together now, it seems like a good idea to throw open to discussion topics you want to make sure we cover.

    The first video is only for cooking, not installation.

    Let us know what you think MUST be in the final video (and not on the cutting room floor).

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    -Size and type of wood
    -Method of fire starting, including heating the flue and placement and movement of fire
    -Length of firing, given some variables (thickness of masonry)
    -Adjusting for variations in temperature
    -And how to look darn good while doing it!


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      The video should emphasize things that are hard to describe, but easy to show. Here's one on baking:


      Here's a bit of dough stretching show-off:


      On the other hand, a link to an actually useful tutorial:


      Video quality is important, glitzy production values aren't.

      Good luck
      My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2


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        In a bit of good fortune, we have a happy Forno Bravo customer who is also a movie producer (no really) and is here in Florence for a year. Talk about the stars lining up. We are hoping to do this together, and I will look to him for a lot of direction on production values. More to come on that. He is really into his oven and cooking, so he is willing to slum it on this project.

        Your examples are helpful. Thanks for those.
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