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How do I get preassembled oven moved?

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  • How do I get preassembled oven moved?

    Does anyone have experience with getting a Primovera70 pre-assembled oven moved into a backyard through a gate? The gate opening is not wide enough to fit oven through in the upright position and Forno Bravo is recommending to not tip oven on its side. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: How do I get preassembled oven moved?

    Remove the gate and part of the fence. Move oven. Replace fence and gate. That's the easiest way.

    Alt. 1: hire crane (yes, it's been done). Have crane operator lift oven over gate and deposit safely on the other side.

    Alt. 2: Use a scissor lift. Put oven on top, roll to gate, VERY CAREFULLY extend lift above gate, VERY, VERY CAREFULLY move through gate, lower lift. I'd go for the crane over this method - it will be top heavy as all get out and probably unsteady. Don't even think about it for a gate/fence higher than 4 feet.

    Best bet - take down the fence. It's much easier and safer to repair a section of fence. Another advantage is you aren't limited to the gate area - it makes no difference which part of the fence you have to put back up (okay, actually, the gate is more difficult to put up but not that much).
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      Re: How do I get preassembled oven moved?

      An engine hoist will lift it.
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        Re: How do I get preassembled oven moved?

        Take down the fence, i think would be the easiest way to do it.


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          Re: How do I get preassembled oven moved?

          The company i bought my oven from use the scissor lift trolleys that lift up to about 3 feet, i think. When the trolleys don't work they use cranes. Maybe there is a fence that you can remove a panel and come through the neighbours yard. We used this approach when installing a fibreglass pool years ago.

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