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wife is fighting me on a WFO

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  • wife is fighting me on a WFO

    looking for advice here,we eat out a lot,and we love pizza!(who doesnt?).preparing for a project in the backyard which will have a grill builtin and would love to have a WFO.thing here is wifey doesnt think we will use it that much.we will certainly be using the grill a lot but since we have never had a WFO i do not know how much use it will get.was any of you on the fence like myself?when we have entertained in the past it was just grilling burgers and dogs.pizza and other baked goods sure would be nice though.anyone wish to chime in?

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    Re: wife is fighting me on a WFO

    I honestly use my grill more then the oven. BUT, it is an awesome addition to the backyard. When you do fire it up, it's a great experience. If you have the time and $$$ - go for it. Or... get a new wife (but then you only have half of your $$$)

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      Re: wife is fighting me on a WFO

      Build it correctly and use as much insulation you can afford and then some. The thing that sold my wife on the oven (after the build) was the fact that you can close it up on Sunday night after your bake and use it most of the coming week for other items. In fact, the pizza is why it was built but probably the most cooking/baking time went to non-pizza items as the oven came down in temp during the week. There are tons of recipes on the web that work well with the oven at all temps. My wife was a detractor and forced labor during the build, but now she openly brags about the oven.

      Apart from the moment you discover your first crack (and you will), you will never regret the decision once it is built and baking.

      Good luck.


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        Re: wife is fighting me on a WFO

        If you even remotely love to cook, you need an oven. If you even remotely like to entertain guests, you could use an oven. Ours has become the centerpiece of our back yard and one of the centerpieces in our social circle. I've never experienced anything that brings a group of people together, socially, like a WFO.


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          Re: wife is fighting me on a WFO

          My wife was EXACTLY the same. She thought that yes, the pizza will be great, but thought I would become bored with it after a few times or think building fires and chopping wood would be too much hassle; not to mention, she wanted no part of some concrete and brick monster in her lawn. Knowing I would build it with or without her blessing (she says I always do what I want), she gave up complaining. She was also wrong on all other accounts...ok, so I'm not actually crazy about chopping wood.

          Since the first pizza, MY WIFE has been the one who suggests the next pizza night. Add in the fact that we have experimented with cooking just about everything else and it always comes out fantastic......she has told me many times that this was my best "project" idea yet.

          I did compromise, I built a 36" oven on the smallest possible usable footprint and decided on an igloo instead of building an enclosure. After the fact she praised me for not building the "monster" she had feared.

          I say go for it, I guarantee your wife will come around. It may be as soon as you show great enthusiasm and commitment for getting it done (hey, we are all guilty of not finishing our projects before moving on - and our wives know it) and making it look good or it may not happen until that first pizza comes out...but...she will come around.



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            Re: wife is fighting me on a WFO

            I would regale you with stories of my wife's take on this project, but you would think I was bragging. I didn't face much resistance. She's so swell.

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              Re: wife is fighting me on a WFO

              As they continue to say

              "Just DO IT!"

              She will come around and you will use it as much or as little as you want or prefer.
              One big disadvantage though, is that you will always be entertaining friends and hangers on so get them to bring the frink (from day ONE) whilst you supply the dough and toppings.

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                Re: wife is fighting me on a WFO

                thanks for all the replies guys!we are actually going to look at a pizza oven my mason did for a chef on saturday.we do love to entertain,during the summer we always have people over to use the pool or to sit by the koi pond.i currently have a weber grill which i thought was too small so i went and looked at a much bigger and better grill such as viking and lynx,but the cheapest grill was $4300.i'd rather continue to use the weber i have and get a WFO.hopefully my camera will cooperate saturday and ill take a pic of this WFO..
                wish me luck!


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                  Re: wife is fighting me on a WFO

                  You might consider changing countries. Down here in Australia it's usually the husband who gets his own way, or perhaps I'm just speaking for myself. Lucky my wife doesn't read these posts. If you are considering an oven bigger can usually mean better, but it is more expensive and if you go small you will use it way more often.
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                    Re: wife is fighting me on a WFO

                    I was very much against Chef building the oven in the back yard...what would we use if for how much would we use it...its silly money..etc. I"M SOOOO HAPPY WE DID THIS! Holidays are a breeze we dont heat up the kitchen or mess it up because we cook everything outside, we live in New England and even use it during the winter holidays! We also do the "its sunday lets cook fo the week" thing. Just cook a chicken, pork roast ect some veg and week night dinners are done! We are currently redoing the indoor kitchen its also nice that we have an outdoor one to use while under construction! Tell her you have MY approval...LOL! Malinda ....Chef Phils reluctant wife!
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                      Re: wife is fighting me on a WFO

                      I would say a WFO is a worthy investment. It isn't even that expensive an investment. With James' Pompeii Oven Plans, you have a lot of cost effective options to build your very own oven.

                      With a grill, you can only do just that... grill. With a WFO, there are many more things you can create besides pizza. The WFO's flexibility allows you to cook a variety of food, including dessert! I have cooked tortino in a WFO and it came out spectacular.

                      If you are still a fan of the grill, all I can say is with a WFO you can do that too. Just cut up some angle bar and weld them together to make a stand. Pop the grill on top of the stand and rake some hot coals under the grill. You are now grilling just inside the opening of your oven.

                      If that doesn't convince you, just think of the quality time you'll have with your guests. Everyone will want to participate in the cooking. Who doesn't want to make their own pizza?

                      Finally, there is nothing more fulfilling than a DIY WFO. 'Nuff said

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                        Re: wife is fighting me on a WFO

                        My wife knows I'm planning a small outdoor kitchen/bbq area. But she knows nothing about the WFO yet. I'm just going to build a stand for it, making her believe it's just part of a counter, then start erecting the dome all the while still working on the rest of the patio project. She'll like the WFO idea, only when it starts shaping up....I know her too well and the way she thinks.

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                          Re: wife is fighting me on a WFO

                          I dont recall having any opposition from the wife when i suggested intalling a WFO 8 years ago. In fact, i think she thought it was a good idea. Thing is you have to have some fun in your life so why not get a WFO. it brings a lot of pleasure and you HAVE TO EAT so there is reason enough to get one in my view!!
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                            Re: wife is fighting me on a WFO

                            Well, at least, among the few hobbies that I have, my bbq'ing and pizza making/oven project produces food and fun for the family as end result. I don't think anyone can say no to that....

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                              Re: wife is fighting me on a WFO

                              My wife fought me for a while... then I showed her that she fit in the oven..haven't heard much complaining since :-)