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Combo ovens

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  • Combo ovens

    Has anyone ever built a continuous fired oven/ fireplace that can burn and cook for 12-16 hours? I'm looking to have a fireplace on the bottom and an oven on top. The fireplace would be the heat source for the oven.
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    Re: Combo ovens

    I think you need to understand how a wfo works. Get youself a copy of the plans and there is section on how them work. Basically you'll find they have an external chimney to work correctly... adding a fireplace which requires an internal chimney in not compatable.

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      Re: Combo ovens

      might want to check this thread out


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        Re: Combo ovens

        Thank you both for this info and the link. I know I have to do much more research on this but the wheels are turning. I am a general contractor from ,New Jersey, USA, and have many resources for materials, but a little lacking on design. I have started drawings for this and have a basic design in mind. I will post them soon.


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          Re: Combo ovens

          Please draw them out. I have not seen, or been able to figure out, a practical way to build a fireplace/oven that share a common flue. Keep in mind that an oven built to the Forno Bravo plans and specifications can be cooked in for for 24-48 hours after an initial firing.


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            Re: Combo ovens


            Please keep scientific principles of energy and energy management in mind with your design, then you will have no problems.