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New Build in AZ

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  • New Build in AZ

    The stand is up and I am hoping to start the floor today. I will post pics ASAP.

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    Re: New Build in AZ


    Welcome to the forum, glad to see you here, and looking forward to seeing your pictures.



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      Re: New Build in AZ

      Cool lets see pictures of your stand im thinking of building another one on a stand. Found an old metal tractor rim ... 6inchs wide @ 40 inches DIA..


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        Re: New Build in AZ

        I will take pics in the am. I had to lay the floor 2 times. The stand was level and the insulation appeard uniform but the floor still required some leveling to be perfect. It had a slope to it and likely nobody would have noticed or cared but me. But it is now perfect and the first course should be set in the am


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          Re: New Build in AZ

          ok, trying to upload photos but they are too big. How do I make the file size smaller.


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            Re: New Build in AZ

            How do I make the file size smaller
            Any picture editor will reduce picture size. I use irfanview. It's free and easy to use.
            My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2


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              Re: New Build in AZ

              Here are the promised photos, I added a pic of my "crew". Going to try to mortar the first course now.
              Thanks, Sean
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                Re: New Build in AZ

                So I was trying to figure out how to conquer that aggressive angle and I attached a quarter brick set back 2 1/4 inches which allows the first coarse to rest on this brick instead of just mortar. My build is a bit messy and I don't think I will win oven of the year or anything. I am just hopeful for tasty pizzas and other yummy food.
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                  Re: New Build in AZ

                  The basic dome is finished. My hats off to a lot of you who have really great looking joints and masonry. Mine is a bit rough but I was able to do all of the cuts with a stone hammer and a set. I really tried with my tile saw but the clearance was too small and required too many passes. The wife would have had a seizure if I bought a new tile saw so.... The rough look it is.

                  I started a new thread on roof design. I am looking for some design help for a roof on the corner install. I am hoping for something a little more appealing than the simple shed.

                  Also, I used the Thermal Ceramics "Smoothset" and it looks like it is working well. The areas that have set the longest are rock hard. I will let you know more in a few weeks when I can get the fire going.


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                    Re: New Build in AZ

                    getting closer to being completely done.
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                      Re: New Build in AZ

                      It doesn't look rough to me at all. I think it's great. Do you have any pictures of your transition and vent area?

                      My slow journey to pizza.


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                        finally finished

                        Name:  8f675fcc83339c32eebb64eaaaa447ea.jpg
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                        Name:  e5a023e3966705650819c87c88ba5b6c.jpg
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                          Re: New Build in AZ

                          Very nice, Sean! Congratulations.
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                            Re: New Build in AZ

                            Your oven looks good!

                            Do you have any data for us on things like how long it takes to fire to a clear dome or how long it holds heat after firing?

                            I see you used two inches of insulation under the oven floor...Does the bottom of the hearth get very warm after firing the oven?

                            Lee B.
                            DFW area, Texas, USA

                            If you are thinking about building a brick oven, my advice is Here.
                            Our One Meter Pompeii Oven album is here.
                            An album showing our Thermal Breaks is Here.

                            I try to learn from my mistakes, and from yours when you give me a heads up.


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                              Re: New Build in AZ

                              Lee, it takes a good 40 min to get it good and hot. I usually fire the oven and then take some of the dough out of the fridge and then set everything else up for party. I havent made a door yet but it holds its heat well. And under the hearth doesn't get hot a bit. Safe enough for the kidlets to touch without worry. One mistake I did learn is...I made those stucco popouts from styrofoam and the one nearest the oven opening has melted. So I had to repair that. Note to self, styrofoam and high heat oven doesnt mix well.