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This gives "Mobile" a whole new meaning

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  • This gives "Mobile" a whole new meaning

    How about this for a "mobile" oven? Just kidding of course...and NO...this is not mine...
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    Re: This gives "Mobile" a whole new meaning

    Mobile, sure!!! that is around the patio or back yard.
    How about moving it from site to site, customer to customer. A loaded wheelbarrow is not the easiest thing to secure in a utility (pickup) or trailer transporting it, especially when having such a high centre of gravity. You would also need a pretty substantial plank to run it up and a couple of supporting helpers. Can you imagine getting it almost to the top and have it topple and smash to pieces 3 hours prior to a party????
    But then again in a small town, you could simply amble it around from place to place, good ecercise eh!!!

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      Re: This gives "Mobile" a whole new meaning

      Yall are gonna make my boss cry. I found a perfectly good wheelbarrow on the side of the road the other day and its sitting at work looking for a good home (or project). LOL
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        Re: This gives "Mobile" a whole new meaning

        This is what happens when you mix cement in the wheel barrow, go for a beer break and drink the 6 pack
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          Re: This gives "Mobile" a whole new meaning

          If you look closely at the picture it is in a city, not a backyard as I first assumed. I can imagine somebody who, not being able to get a permit for having the WFO in his business, found a creative way to beat the codes, the fire insurance, his lease restrictions and annoy the powers that be at the same time.

          Personally I would have gone for the two wheeled wheel barrow... much more stable.


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            Re: This gives "Mobile" a whole new meaning

            We need a hall of fame sticky for creative ovens.....
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