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From foundation to hearth in Ottawa

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  • From foundation to hearth in Ottawa

    I think I have enough photos that show progress now so I thought Id put them up along with a synopsis of the journey so far

    We poured the hearth on the last official day of summer (September 22nd) - better late than never, I guess.

    The next weekend, with still wonderful weather, we built the block stand.

    Two days ago we had overly-optimistic plans to do the entire hearth, however, the reality was that we were only able to complete the framing. Too bad, as it turned out to be the last day of summer weather that were likely to see this year.

    So yesterday - cold and a bit rainy off and on - we had plans to complete the hearth, so we mixed and poured the concrete for the bottom layer (using a very handy roller-mixer that takes only 30 seconds not bad!). It was on the insulating layer where we hit trouble though we ran short of vermiculcrete. Only after the store had closed, of course. In a panic, I consulted the forum and was able to find a post suggesting that it wouldnt be a problem if we kept the existing layer wet and added another one in the morning whew!

    So today sunny but cold - we waited for the store to open (not till 10 since its Sunday, but at least not closed for the day), got more vermiculite and cement and laid our second layer of vermiculcrete. If its a problem, too late, its done now. Well, really, that just means Im too tired to care right now but if any of you think there may be cause for concern please let me know.

    Anyway, thats it so far. Im looking forward to being able to start on the dome the actual oven! soon. But right now Im happy to be taking a break (that glass of red was really good) its been a long weekend! Thankfully, tomorrows a holiday here.
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    Re: From foundation to hearth in Ottawa

    No worries...

    It should be fine, I poured mine in sections........ so far so good.
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      Re: From foundation to hearth in Ottawa

      That's good to know - thanks!
      It's been said before but I'll say it again - that vermiculcrete is strange stuff - but it seems to be hardening up nicely.