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Dominick's Pizza Oven

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  • Dominick's Pizza Oven

    Here are photos of my pizza oven so far.

    You'll notice that the oven is "sunken." We did that so it would not dominate the open landscape around the house. The excavator assured us the drainage was good. There is a foot or so of stone under the cement floor.

    As I said in a previous post, the mason/bricklayer/tilesetter is an artist. He has it all in his head and is not great at following the written plans. It's been a real "process." But I do believe the oven is beautiful. We can't wait to start curing it and...dare I say it... make pizza!

    I guess I can post only 5 photos at a time. I'll post more later.


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    Re: Dominick's Pizza Oven

    Here are four more photos of my oven in progress. I'll post more soon.



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      Re: Dominick's Pizza Oven


      It looks terrific.
      I really like the design of the stand - the round centre, the three wood storage openings and the way the side units are angled.
      Great job!


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        Re: Dominick's Pizza Oven


        I can take no credit at all for the design. The mason, Brian, deserves the credit. I'll post his photo with the next batch. He's a real New England character.

        When it's done, Brian and I will share the first pizza. Then the excavator who dug the pit (and installed a totally new septic system on my property) gets a slice. I've promised lots of "first slices." But Brian will definitely get the first.

        Our relationship has not been totally smooth, but I've learned to let go... I think.

        I believe what James has said is a good thought to keep: Just going from a regular 500 degree electric or gas oven to a 900+ degree woodburning oven is such a leap that we should not get too intense about the finer points. It's so easy in life to get hung up on the finer points and miss what's really going on around you.

        This oven is a "hybrid." It's not quite a Napoletana oven and not quite a Tuscan oven.

        It's a real adventure!


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          Re: Dominick's Pizza Oven

          That is an awesome design. It looks like its built well below grade. Can you explain how you will finish the lay of the ground around it?

          Life is too short to drink cheap beer


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            Re: Dominick's Pizza Oven

            Hi Dominick,
            My sentiments exactly.
            It looks great and look foreward to seeing it progress to ther production of pizza stage.
            kepp up the good work.

            Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

            The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know

            Neillís Pompeiii #1
            Neillís kitchen underway


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              Re: Dominick's Pizza Oven

              I agree with the others.

              It's looking awesome.

              Are you using red fire bricks, or just red commons?

              Just curious....
              My thread:
              My costs:
              My pics:


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                Re: Dominick's Pizza Oven

                Thanks for your comments. I'll pass them on the Brian, the builder, when he returns. Which should be tomorrow. I hope.

                To answer your questions:

                They are red firebricks.

                The plan is to fill in around the oven base with stone and topsoil. Brian stuccoed the outer wall to help protect it against dampness. There is a drain in the floor, which will be brick over the concrete.

                I'll probably just plant grass around the edges.

                There is a flagstone patio near the oven pit. Half the patio was dug up for the new septic system (old tank removal, new piping only. The drainage field is plenty far away from the oven!)

                I never really liked the flagstone. I'm considering tearing it all up and replacing with used old bricks, like what's around the oven.




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                  Re: Dominick's Pizza Oven

                  I really like the oven.
                  We need more pictures! Don't keep us hanging!
                  Put the pizza down and get moving.
                  Really cool!


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                    Re: Dominick's Pizza Oven

                    Love the design ... have you got any more pictures? I'd like to see how you've done the roof


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                      Re: Dominick's Pizza Oven

                      Question - Are the oven floor brick mortared?

                      I ask because this would be contrary to the directions from James in the Forno-Bravo Plans.

                      If they are mortared please give some comment on the descision to do so.

                      Thanks, Bob


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                        Re: Dominick's Pizza Oven

                        So sorry I've been out of the loop for SOOOO long! Your question brings me right back. I collected some photos from 2 computers and took some new ones and I will try to post them. Wish me luck!


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                          Re: Dominick's Pizza Oven

                          The floor now has bricks as per the FB plans. Photos to follow...I hope!


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                            Re: Dominick's Pizza Oven

                            Here are more photos of the oven-building process.


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                              Re: Dominick's Pizza Oven

                              Some of those were duplicates, I guess. The question about the mortared floor threw me off.

                              Okay, here are five more that take off from there....

                              More will follow in a few minutes....