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Well, It's a start...metal stand almost done

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  • Well, It's a start...metal stand almost done

    After much consideration I have decided to jump in build a 42" oven. So far I have the foundation poured and have nearly completed fabrication of a metal stand. The oven will become a feature of a new deck I will be building.

    I would like to ask other WFO folks in the Puget Sound region to reccommend their best local sources for brick, high heat mortar, and the like.

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    Re: Well, It's a start...metal stand almost done

    Congrats and welcome to the club.

    I like the look of your stand.

    What are the dimensions?

    I thought about building a metal stand, but went the cinder block way...

    If I did do the metal though, I would have used expanded metal on the bottom for the hearth pour.

    What are you planning on using?
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      Re: Well, It's a start...metal stand almost done


      I've been having metal stands fabricated by a blacksmith for a while now. A few thoughts from him: consider a fifth leg in the middle of the stand; also consider drilling four holes in the L steel to accept half inch rebar (front to back at the same level, side to side a half inch lower), then tie in your mesh.

      Give them a thought, though your stand seems mighty strong as it is, so the fifth leg might not be an issue. I, like more than a few people on this forum, have a complusive tendency to overbuild. But SO?

      "Made are tools, and born are hands"--William Blake, 1757-1827


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        Re: Well, It's a start...metal stand almost done

        Originally posted by CanuckJim View Post
        <snip> I, like more than a few people on this forum, have a complusive tendency to overbuild. But SO? <snip>
        Overbuilt will always beat underbuilt.

        J W


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          Re: Well, It's a start...metal stand almost done

          I'm a little concerned about your stand.

          Do you have any diagonal braces planned for the stand?

          I'm worried that it may shift and collapse.

          Adding a diagonal support like in the pic below would make feel better.....

          Good luck!!!

          My oven progress -


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            Re: Well, It's a start...metal stand almost done

            The dimensions of the tray are 64.5x76. I am going to do an igloo style and therefore will not need the extra room for walls. I figured the width to be 42 I.D. + 9 Brick + 2 insulation + 8 vermiculite concrete that makes about 61. That leaves up to 3.5 inches I can use (1 each side) for the decorative clad layer which I have not yet decided on (stucco, mosaic, ??). Sound right? As for the tray I plan to put down steel plate then purchase Super-Isol from Forno Bravo to set the oven floor and dome on.

            Thanks for the info, clever idea about drilling holes for rebar.

            I do want to add bracing. I planned on full diagonals for the sides.
            But what I have not worked out yet is the front and back braces. I want the wood storage to be in the back so those braces would be shorter diagonal gussets to allow access. But I am also thinking of putting a shelf (plywood on angle iron) in the first 14 or so of the stand with a door on the front for storage of accessories. Since the stand is 20 taller due to a deck of that height being built on three sides of it, I should still have plenty of room for wood in the back even with the storage area.
            Also love that visual aid!!




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              Re: Well, It's a start...metal stand almost done


              Welcome to the club! A great adventure awaits you. If you're like me this is the most intricate home project you'll probably do. The details seem to require that you perfect some pretty cool crafty skills.

              I live on the West side and I bought most of my firebrick and mortar from Mutual Materials and IXL Masonry Supplies. I started with mortar from Forno Bravo which worked for the dome but I ran out and started trying local substitutes. The Re-Frax that FB sells is unlike anything you can buy locally. The best substitute I found is Heat Stop50 (50# bag). You can get it for $75-$95 a bag. If you act you're some kind of contractor and don't get asked to see your contractor's license you can buy at the lower levels. I've heard that you can get Firebrick cheaper from Home Depot but they have to order it (from Mutual Materials). In any case figure about $1.00 a brick and you'll be ok.

              Heading for E-Burg right now. Let me know if I can help you in the future.

              "The road of excess leads to the Palace of Wisdom."