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casting base for pizza oven

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  • casting base for pizza oven

    form for casting the base, there is 3 inches of insulating refractory under the high density refractory
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    Re: casting base for pizza oven

    Nice metal work for form. I no worrys about seams in your floor


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      Re: casting base for pizza oven

      thank you. I was a toolmaker/modelmaker in the aircraft industry. I also posted some pictures of my oven mold and casting process.


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        Re: casting base for pizza oven

        Well, if you can make your brick look like your base you will be golden. Please post pics and start a thread on your build. There is alot of great experience out here on this forum.

        Update, just saw your oven casting, so forget the brick comment. again, nice casting, topnock. You need to move your build thread over to the "Pompeli Oven Construction" section. Much more viewing and activity there............
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          Re: casting base for pizza oven

          I am casting the dome also, there are two other threads I started with no responces.
          one is pictures of my mold and the other is the casting of the dome. would love to have some more feedback on it. will be setting the dome on the base this weekend. then start to cure/burn the refractory. I will add the light weight insulating refractory during the week and hopefully stucco it over the following weekend, pizza party planned for first of Nov. will have to work the bugs out during Oct. I will try to condense them to one thread.