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Pizza oven - New Zealand.

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  • Pizza oven - New Zealand.

    Hi all, work on our oven has resumed. I reckon I must be going for the longest oven build on this site - three years to date! Attached are some photos. Question for anyone who could offer some advice from experience - Do I need to laterally support the sides of the entrance? I am concerned over time the weight of the arch may push on the sides. How does everyone else resolve this? Thanks Dave.
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    Re: Pizza oven - New Zealand.

    Many builders use a concrete buttress on either side of the arch, or a gusseted steel bracket, often with insulation (vermicrete) between the vent and the buttress. Whichever method you use, the buttress needs to be tied to the underlying slab, or massive enough not to tip over or slide. Especially if your plans include a heavy masonry chimney on top of the vent, it's important to resist the outward thrust of the arch.


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      Re: Pizza oven - New Zealand.

      Your masonry work is precise and looks real good. Hang in there and you will get it done.

      What design do you have in mind for the enclosure? If you make the front of the enclosure from concrete blocks, they will serve as all the buttress you need. You can see how we did that in my album pictures (linked below).
      Lee B.
      DFW area, Texas, USA

      If you are thinking about building a brick oven, my advice is Here.
      Our One Meter Pompeii Oven album is here.
      An album showing our Thermal Breaks is Here.

      I try to learn from my mistakes, and from yours when you give me a heads up.


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        Re: Pizza oven - New Zealand.

        Hi - Thanks for the replies. I have decided to support the sides as suggested as it is easier to do during the construction, than regretting not doing it once finished. Lee - we are making the plastered dome oven so I will need to use some type of bracket to the concrete slab as suggested. We are also going to do some form of decorative brick or slate to the front of the oven, so I may be able to work the two together. Thanks once again. Regards Dave.


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          Re: Pizza oven - New Zealand.

          Where did you get your fire bricks from ? So pricy here


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            Re: Pizza oven - New Zealand.

            Yes I agree they are pricey! It seems in the USA you pick up bricks for a fraction of what we pay in New Zealand. I bought mine through Placemakers for around $6.00 each, expensive but I think the quality gives a better finish. It all depends what you are after - my thought is you spend a lot of time making the oven so I would prefer to spend the extra rather than go with second hand fire bricks. Hope this helps. Dave


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              Re: Pizza oven - New Zealand.

              True, brick cost is insignificant compared to hours that wil be put into making it. Plus other landscaping etc.
              How are you cutting the bricks, looks great. Once again we can't get the super low cost wet saws they have in US


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                Re: Pizza oven - New Zealand.

                At first I used diamond blades in my 254mm slide compound saw to dry cut the bricks in half. When I got to a point that the bricks need more shape I used a diamond blade in a 125mm angle grinder. Once again the cost of the blades adds up - hate to think total cost. To save on blades where I could, I cut through 1/3 of the brick, turned it over and cut through another third then cracked it with a bolster chisel. I also noticed that the first lot of bricks I purchased were a lot 'softer' and cut well. I then purchased a second lot of bricks and they were very hard and dense and I could tell by the look and feel that the blade would be damaged. Spoke to the manufacturers and they inform me the 'recipe' for the first bricks changed and now not available, and they are all of the harder type. Managed to pick up some older bricks direct from the manufacturers. Good luck and hope this helps. Dave.


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                  Re: Pizza oven - New Zealand.

                  Awesome looking job!!! Did you make your own 'indespensible tool'? If so, any chance of some plans for it?
                  Once our friends at EQC have decided what happens with our house (god knows when that will happen) i hope to slowly start my one. Am thinking it will be a 3 yr project too.




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                    Re: Pizza oven - New Zealand.

                    Hi Dazza. Thanks for the comments. I did make my 'indespensible tool' myself but nothing from plans though. All it consisted of was a weighty steel plate for the base which I attached a cheap gate hinge to at the centre point. Then I attached a length of 20mm x 20mm wood with a right angle bracket on it. From this you can see it rotates around the oven while also being able to raise it as the height of the oven increases. As the brick was laid I would place the 'tool' on it to ensure brick was positioned correctly at the right angle, then move onto the next brick. During construction I did not move the plate and this ensured the oven stayed round and not oval! A lot of it is from experimentation and learning what others do from this website. Good luck with you construction. Dave.


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                      Re: Pizza oven - New Zealand.

                      Hi all the other kiwis!
                      Just thought I would add in my 20c on the cost of fire bricks - CRAZYYYY! I have gone down the second hand brick route. I picked up a load of fire bricks off trade me for $1.50 - in this scenario the cost saving is worth it I think.
                      As for the indespensible tool. I am about to build one so will place some good photos. Best one I have seen utilises a castor wheel from Bunnings for the central pivot - look out for pics soon!
                      Cheers - Andy


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                        Re: Pizza oven - New Zealand.

                        $1.50 each I assume ?


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                          Re: Pizza oven - New Zealand.

                          I know it sounds wrong - but - $1.50 the lot about a hundred. All I had to do was pick them up from 20 minutes up the road.
                          I then had a trade me triumph on getting more than enough blocks for $85 dollars, then flicked off half of them for a further $55 - Net of $35 for the blockwork
                          My good lady has imposed a challenge of the oven for under $600 - I am looking pretty good after I picked up refractory mortar on trade me - $80 for 4 bags from Ironmaiden4 on Trade Me - hope this helps on the cost fronts
                          Catch ya again - Andy


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                            Re: Pizza oven - New Zealand.

                            That's impressive buying Andy.

                            The cost of firebricks is horrific in NZ, but it sounds like you are doing a great job working in the bosses budget.


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                              Re: Pizza oven - New Zealand.

                              Hi Waikato,

                              Now can you explain that in English? So you got 100 bricks @$1.50 a brick. Then you traded your motocycle for $85, so you could buy blocks? Then you sold half of them for $55, so you only have $35 invested in your blocks? But I'm totally lost with your refractory mortar on Trade me?