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Perth WA Pizza Oven/Outdoor Kitchen

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  • Perth WA Pizza Oven/Outdoor Kitchen

    Hey Guys

    Have been blogging the progress of my pizza oven and thought some poeple here might be interested in following the build.

    looking forward to comments/critiques.

    'That's Amore'

    Cheers guys

    Will try to post a few pictures here incase poeple dont want to browse the blog.

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    Re: Perth WA Pizza Oven/Outdoor Kitchen

    Next stage was to organise the material i would be using for the benchtop/sides doors. I opted for compact laminate (13mm lcl).. possibly called trespa in other countries.

    Excellent durability.. perfect for outdoors.

    here is some pictures of the top getting cutout.. I was able to use the scraps from the cutout for a table! they threw in a free set of stainless steel legs.. and presto.. matching table!
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      Re: Perth WA Pizza Oven/Outdoor Kitchen

      Pretty happy with the progress so far.. was able to get the floor done in one day. Hoping ive done it all correct so far..

      First time using mortar/bricks.. so its a learning curve!!


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        Re: Perth WA Pizza Oven/Outdoor Kitchen

        6 days in and very happy with the how its all coming along!

        slowly getting used to the brick saw! indeed a challenge with a 9inch blade.. having to cut each angle from both sides!

        Thankful to come out of this with both hands!

        Was able to get the arch started last night, but the keystone is yet to be cemented in, will be making something better tonight.. just had the little peice in there so the rest would dry in place.


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          Re: Perth WA Pizza Oven/Outdoor Kitchen

          Hello chidding,

          Nice, I like it ! Looks like a well thought out base with clean design.

          Here is the link to my oven number 1 construction photos!

          Here is the link to my oven number 2 construction photos!


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            Re: Perth WA Pizza Oven/Outdoor Kitchen

            1 week later and 2 rings completed... so far im happy with the progress made! once the anlges for the bricks were measured, cutting was the easy part, just mortaring took its time! especially once it angles upwards.
            Guessing its only going to get harder!


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              Re: Perth WA Pizza Oven/Outdoor Kitchen

              well this oven really helps to make the various dishes.
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                Re: Perth WA Pizza Oven/Outdoor Kitchen

                Its amazing how quickly it starts to take shape. I havent had alot of time to work on it recently, and with the weather being so cold and miserable, its hard to find motivation aswell.

                So when last night the weather cleared up i finished early and managed to knock off 2 rings, sadly the only picture i have was before finishing off the last brick, but atleast it gives an indication of the progress made!

                Cant wait to have this done, got 1month + 1 week till wifes birthday, might be pushing it though!!?


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                  Re: Perth WA Pizza Oven/Outdoor Kitchen

                  Nice work. If it were mine I'd be concerned about the weight of the oven resting on four legs sitting on one paver each. I wet weather you may find one or more of them might sink a bit. It still may be possible to weld a wider plate onto the bottom of those legs. Try a calculation of your finished weight, you'll find it's pretty heavy.
                  Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.


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                    Re: Perth WA Pizza Oven/Outdoor Kitchen

                    Hey David,

                    On post 3 you can see the second pic, the legs are resting on a compact laminate sheet at the rear, So the load is spread over around 4/6 pavers, will be doing something similar at the front in a week or so time, will jack it up and put a bigger plate under it.

                    Appreciate the comments!

                    And yea its a heavy bastard, around 1tonne.
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                      Re: Perth WA Pizza Oven/Outdoor Kitchen

                      Picked up the chimney today! looks really nice in stainless steel. Still undecided as to wether I paint it black or keep the stainless look.

                      Thoughts anyone? ..would the paint come off after a while in the wet?

                      Design in my head is using the spigot (anchor plate) similar to how others have done, then mounting the flue on the right, filling that box with insulation, then I plan on putting a blanket on the oven and rendering up to the box. does that make sense? would this work.. pretty similar to a double walled chimney, but was a cheaper option..

                      suggestions/thoughts anyone?


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                        Re: Perth WA Pizza Oven/Outdoor Kitchen

                        If you paint that beautiful metal black, I will drive the 2.5 days to WA myself and slap you silly


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                          Re: Perth WA Pizza Oven/Outdoor Kitchen

                          I have to agree with NathanC...except for the slapping silly part - can't drive to WA from the USA
                          If you did paint it black, I would use the high-temp spray paint used for wood stoves; good to something like 1200 degrees F. The outer shell of the stove pipe will never get anywhere close to that.



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                            Re: Perth WA Pizza Oven/Outdoor Kitchen

                            Haha, guess that's me sold on stainless steel then. Thanks guys.


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                              Re: Perth WA Pizza Oven/Outdoor Kitchen

                              No problems