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Just another Aussie Oven :D

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  • Just another Aussie Oven :D

    Well after 2 years of lurking on here and alot of "I'm gonna..." it all started with a hole in the backyard which for me meant no turning back now... and the rest was alot of hard yakka!

    So for my first post, it is my first attempt at a slab and the start of my hatred for concrete..

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    Making the stand and hearth

    Making the stand was simple with the concrete blocks but without the concrete truck mixing 20 bags to fill the cores sucked! Thats why we just rented a mixer for the 35 bags it took for the hearth slab...


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      Re: Just another Aussie Oven

      Some more pictures of the hearth.


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        Re: Just another Aussie Oven

        And finally the fun part!

        Having never laid a brick in my entire life, I think I did alright


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          Re: Just another Aussie Oven

          And the first firing of the oven! Just a small fire with some heat beads which I spead out on the floor once they were going. I'll do this a few more times before throwing on the insulation blanket and render.

          And a picture of my broken hands.. That will teach me for being a button pusher!

          Still waiting on some missing flue arch bricks which were forgotten to be put in the oven kit from field furnace. The guys there are great and sending them to me on the central coast at their cost. You dont see service like this much anymore


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            Re: Just another Aussie Oven

            Looking good! I'd trade you hands if I could be as far along as you

            You are making it look easy.
            Lee B.
            DFW area, Texas, USA

            If you are thinking about building a brick oven, my advice is Here.
            Our One Meter Pompeii Oven album is here.
            An album showing our Thermal Breaks is Here.

            I try to learn from my mistakes, and from yours when you give me a heads up.


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              Re: Just another Aussie Oven

              Where is the flue?
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                Re: Just another Aussie Oven

                Originally posted by Lburou View Post
                Looking good! I'd trade you hands if I could be as far along as you

                You are making it look easy.
                Lol thanks!

                The flue is missing because there were 4 bricks missing from the kit. Waiting for them to be delivered.


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                  Re: Just another Aussie Oven

                  Looks good Hughness. The only way to do it is to just stop thinking and talking and planning and just bloody do it.

                  After 3 years of thinkng and talking and planning I finally did my WFO, and now I regret not doing it sooner. She's a beuaty, you should be proud of your efforts.


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                    Re: Just another Aussie Oven

                    finally took delivery of the missing flue arch bricks thursday last week.

                    The Flue arch is a pain in the arse to put up! The front 6 bricks just kept getting knocked out while the insulation (Which is also a huge pain, literally! Tiny fibres stuck in your hands HURT! I learnt to wear gloves the hard way..) So waited until insulation and first coat of render were done then finished the flue arch which was difficult because i'd become stressed and annoyed at it!! (For some reason none of the Field Furnace flue arch templates suited my door even though it was the once specified in the instructions! They were either too high or wide.. sorted it out myself in the end..)

                    But i'm very pleased with the result!

                    Just one last coat of render and then mounting the flue when my hat arrives. (No one on the central coast stocks 8" hats.. And the 1 place that makes them isn't running until late Jan! Oh well!)


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                      Re: Just another Aussie Oven

                      Great looking brick work. That is an impressive arch and dome.
                      Scott -

                      My projects: http://www.facebook.com/#!/scott.kerr.794


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                        Re: Just another Aussie Oven

                        Thats an awsome job Hughness! hope to see what else you can do, plenty of time to search ideas in this forum for a nice finish to your wfo.
                        All the aussies here have mostly the igloo shape, i am planning on a complete enclosure like a big kiln i spose , look forward to more pics.
                        go aussie's.


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                          Re: Just another Aussie Oven

                          Thanks for the kind words guys!

                          I have one thing which I'd like to pick your brains for.

                          How should I mount the flue pipe?? I'm thinking of something like cabsauv has used. How'd I attach this to the oven? We get some pretty strong wind here and the last thing I want it for it to fall off the oven!

                          Oh and yea Go Aussies!


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                            Re: Just another Aussie Oven

                            Originally posted by Huhness View Post
                            How should I mount the flue pipe??
                            If it comes with a flange you could lay one or more courses on top of the flange to keep it there.
                            The English language was invented by people who couldnt spell.

                            My Build.



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                              Re: Just another Aussie Oven

                              Yeah, i just made a steel flange that was the same diameter as the flue and slid it over the flue , securing it with a couple of tack welds .i also made sure i had enough space to sit it in to brick around to secure between a course of bricks.
                              If you could imagine a rectangle with a 8"hole .
                              got the idea from the pics in the forum , wonderfull place that....