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My own Pizza Hut

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  • My own Pizza Hut

    How many lawyers does it take to build a Pompeii? One...to call the masons. I have been admiring the work of the folks on this site for some time. I love to bake & have wanted a wood burning oven for a few years. I am not the handy type. Intially I was going to install a basic Pompeii but by the time my friendly architect and the mason was done with me... Well my Pizza Hut will seat 6 when it is done. The brick is a handmade type that is made to look old. It will be finished with a mahogany door, a couple of windows & a roof. I'll get some more photos as the work progresses over the next week or so.

    I was unable to attach the photos to this post & rec'd a message that the files were too big. Hopefully you can view a few pictures I took today by going to this link http://s142.photobucket.com/albums/r91/tedrosenberg/

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    Looking good! Where are you located?

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      Oven is looking great Ted. What dimensions are you going with? Please explain the stick you are using in your dome build, and how it's going for you. I'm still exploring all options, but i'm definitely leaning towards a formless dome build.


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        Looking good!

        I like the U shaped work area. Should be easy to access your pizzas, and put them in the oven.

        Pictures: Since you use photobucket, on your photobucket page copy the text in the third box under each photo, and past it directly into your reply:

        I think you can paste 4 images into each message or reply.

        There is a limit to what you can attach to a message, that's about not using Forno Bravo server space, which you don't need if you are already hosting your picture on Photobucket's server.
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          My Pizza Hut

          I live on Long Island, NY. The oven is 42 inches in diameter with a 21 inch high dome. Only in America do you get a Portugese contractor supervising Mexican masons making a Jewish guy an Italian oven. The masons used a piece of stiff metal wire that was 21 inches long to measure the distance of each brick from the center of the oven floor. These guys have built ovens before but never used the Super Isol boards previously. By the way they just set the hearth bricks on top of the board in a herringbone pattern with out any sand or mortar. They only mortared around the perimeter.


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            A future FB installer???

            Nice work. This looks great.

            Ted, can you forward me the contact details for your mason? I want to talk with him about installing the Forno Bravo oven kits. It looks like he would do a great job. Is that OK? I'm at james@fornobravo.com.

            I like the brick type, and the arch into the wood storage look great. That's a nice effect.

            Have you looked at the cooking floor, and run your hand over it to make sure there are not high spots? Or run a pizza peel across it? If there is a rim or two, you can ask them to grind them out right before they finish.

            Waiting expectantly for a new FB resource ( ),
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              My Pizza Hut

              The floor is very flat. I have been reading the posts on this site for a long time so I feel like I am qualified to be a good inspector. The super isol you sold me provided a very flat surface & the contractor made sure the bricks he used were uniform & flat. Now I have to buy the peels, brush and other accesories you sell. I will forward his contact info to you tomorrow when I am in my office.
              By the way what is the best method for securing the insulating blanket around the oven?


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                Holding the insulation blanket in place

                Hi Ted,

                I hope my "resource request" didn't sound overly serious. It wasn't meant to be.

                You can either use chichen wire, or metal straps, or nothing. Insulfrax does very well with gravity on its side, as it is very flexible and happily follows the contour of the oven. There are a number of postings on the forum on how builders have held it down, so perhaps we should start to develop a Best Practice for this.
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                  Progress Photo

                  Here is a picture of my Pizza Hut as of today. It still need the roof, a few windows, doors and the countertops. I am very happy with the way it turned out. The masons did a great job making it look like it has been on my property for a 100 years. http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r...PB210363-1.jpg


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                    Pizza HUT?


                    What very fine work your people have done. It's most handsome and well made. I'm still working on enclosing the portico area of my oven; probably get to it in a blizzard. Congratulations to you and your masons.

                    Some hut.

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                      That looks great! What material will the roof be made of? What about the countertops?
                      I mostly like the fact that it makes my oven look sooo reasonably sized

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                        Dude Ė I canít make out where the bathroom is going. Seriously, awesome work!! Good choice on the Portuguese contractor.
                        Check out my pictures here:

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                          More photos pleasae. Awesome oven.


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                            Pizza Hut

                            Thanks for the compliments. The countertops will be granite & the roof either slate or cedar shingles. You can't see the bathroom because it is in the cellar between the bar & the wine room. (Just kidding)


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                              please more photos - I have no idea if the re-write of the instructions will have room for all of the photos that I have collected. Talk about an out-house!